Adhesive Grid VARIO HAFT

Double-sided adhesive mesh for easy and secure installation of vinyl dance and exhibition flooring.

Ensures uniformly even grip on the entire surface; it can be used for short installations.
  • Quick to install.
  • Easy to cut.
  • Not affected by under-floor heating.
  • Suitable for use under chair castors.
  • Available only in full rolls..


The floor surface must be dry and dust, wax and grease free.
  • Roll up Adhesive Grid VARIO HAFT that the PE-foil on upper side.
  • Press Adhesive Grid 25/5 on the ground, maybe use a roller or something like it.
  • Roll up and cut the carpet.
  • Divide carpet into sections turn them back.
  • Pull PE-foil off.
  • Apply and grind the rug or carpet.
VARIO HAFT, double-faced

Product: VARIO HAFT, double-faced

Reference number: 47351120

Width: 100 cm

Weight approx.: 220 g/m²

Material: polyester/glass fibre yarn

Color: white

Length per bolt: 50 m

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