Gerriets at the Vienna Opera Ball

Umkirch, 23. March 2016

The highlight of the Viennese carnival is the Opera Ball. The magic of Vienna castsits spellover the whole world during this very special time. The Viennese waltz, the debutants ball and the music of Mozart all feature heavily in the popular press during this period.

With its tailor made technical solutions Gerriets has played its partin realising this most elegant and extraordinary social event
The red carpet is one of the essential elements of the Vienna Opera Ball and Gerriets were asked to create a covered entrance which allowed the guests to arrive in style and be photographed by the worlds press.

The whole red structure was supplied and installed by Gerriets. It epitomized the sophistication and glamour of this musical celebration but was also practical in that it could be put up and taken down in a very short time so as not to disrupt the running of this truly international event