Gerriets highlights history in former milk production facility
Radolfzell / Germany

Umkirch, 19. December 2016
With the help of Gerriets the historic event location Milchwerk appears in a brand new way

As part of the redevelopment of the city Radolfzell, architect Eberhard Schlag planned the modernisation and atmospheric improvement of the old Milchwerk lobby with a focus on preserving the historical character of the former milk production facility.

These design choices led to a big amorphous white area in the middle of the lobby – the so called ‘blob of milk’. Gerriets highlights this blob with a surrounding curtain system.

The curtains are made from white Sheer Muslin CS. In total the curtains are 88.0 m (96,2 yds.) long and manufactured without vertical seams. Installations of LED lights for atmospheric illuminations in different colours are used in conjunction with the curtain system. Due to a special TRUMPF 95 track system it is possible to guide visitors to the event halls, catering area or wardrobe in a systematic way.