ÖBB Group Headquarters – 9,000 m2 of Gerriets curtains

Umkirch, 29. May 2015

What does the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Royal Opera House in London and the new ÖBB Group headquarters in Vienna have in common? The curtains are made by Gerriets!
The Austrian newspaper "Der Standard" reported in its online edition on January 7, 2015, "But the biggest innovation is located inside the tower, and it is 3.5 kilometers long"

An impressive open-space concept was implemented, spread over 24 floors of the building. Around 1,100 curtains with a total length of 2.5 kilometers are used as adaptable room dividers. These allow maximum spacial flexibility. Made of Gerriets flame retardant fabric - BANNER MATERIAL CS, the curtains move almost silently with 15,000 glides running on a total of 3.5 kilometers of track.

Each curtain is unique, with individual custom prints. A total area of approximately 9,000 m2 is provided, with each floor having a different continuous image, reminiscent of a train trip across Austria.

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