Panoramic images of Asisi
Leipzig / Germany

Umkirch, 11. December 2013

"LEIPZIG 1813 - In the confusion of the Battle of the Nations" moves into the Asisi Panometer. Artist Yadegar Asisi opened his artwork "LEIPZIG 1813 - In the confusion of the Battle of the Nations" after five years of planning and preparation time on 3. August in Leipzig.

The monumental circular image is about 32 meter high with a width of 111 meters and displays Leipzig shortly after the decisive battle. The huge panoramic image is installed on a Gerriets JOKER 95 track system, which has also been used for the other locations like Dresden and Berlin. Nearly 400 meters of JOKER 95 track have been installed in Leipzig.

In total around 900 meters of JOKER 95 tracks were used for the different locations. Two track circles with 111 meters in circumference are mounted at 35 meters for the upper attachment of the panoramic image, as well as at 3 meters for anchoring. In addition about 60 meters of track serve as a parking area for other images that are not being shown.

In front of the panoramic image another JOKER 95 circular track has been installed. Mounted on this are 111 KABUKI G2 release units which are used to conceal new motifs which are revealed by the release of a covering drape.

The installation of the covering material and the panoramic images is carried out in each case by means of a lifting track, which can be brought in to the ground. In addition, at about 30 meters high four parking tracks have been installed. These  are operated by means of a switch connection to the main circle which allows different panoramas to be swapped in and out quickly and efficiently.