VARIO ERGODANCE Преносима Версия

Item No. 1781*

The system is manufactured with the best quality components to produce a highly resilient sprung floor system that assembles quickly and easily via a developed interlocking tongue-and-groove system.

VARIO ERGODANCE is made from engineered, multi-layer, birch veneer plywood that is finished on the front and back side with a commercial-duty, clear-coat sealer. Dynamically active two-ply elastomer pads provide perfect spring and cushion for all types of dance.

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Item No.: 1781*
Плътност : 39,00 mm

VARIO ERGODANCE is a specially developed sprung floor system for permanent or portable applications. The surface elasticity ensures uniform, consistent shock
absorption suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Optimum absorption delivers just the right amount of "give" and is gentle on the joints.

The system is manufactured with the best quality components to produce a highly resilient sprung floor system that assembles quickly and easily via a newly developed interlocking tongue-and-groove system.

VARIO ERGODANCE is made from engineered, multi-layer, birch veneer plywood that is finished on the front and back side with a commercial-duty, clear-coat sealer. Dynamically active two-ply elastomer pads provide perfect spring and cushion for all types of dance. Floor panels are available in two standard sizes: 100 x 100 cm (39” x 39”) and 100 x 200 cm (39” x 78”).

The system is designed for easy installation by the user. During assembly, floor panels are installed off-set to each other to guarantee perfect fit and stability. Edge trim sections are available to visually complete the dance floor surface.

An optional VARIO ERGODANCE transport cart is available for movement and storage of the floor system when not in use.

Description Art. 1781 2100, Size: 100 x 100 cm

  • 18 mm (3/4”) birch veneer plywood, clear-coat both sides.
  • 16 two-ply elastomer pads, 20 mm
  • 2 panel locking devices.

Description Art. 1781 2200, Size: 200 x 100 cm

  • 18 mm  (3/4”) birch veneer plywood, clear-coat both sides.
  • 28 two-ply elastomer pads, 20 mm
  • 3 panel locking devices.

An optional VARIO ERGODANCE transport cart is available for movement and storage of the floor system when not in use.