Item No. 16245211
  • Stretches well in horizontal direction.
  • Minimum quantity for custom dyed colours approx. 50 rm (54.6 yds).

On request:
Professional quality curtains manufactured in our workshops.

Още информация
Gain (Предна): 0.65
Цвят: бяло
Материал : полиестер
Тегло: 270,00 g/m²
Широчина: 500,00 cm
Дължина на руло: 50,00 m
Трудногоримост: DIN 4102 B1, NFPA 701

An industry standout for its dimensions as well as its superior projection surface quality and light diffusion properties, HEAVYSTRETCH 500 offers a seamless, wrinkle-free expanse of up to  5 m (16’ 5”) high and 50 m (164’) wide. The fabric’s thickness, tight weave, forgiving quality, and luminosity make it exceptionally durable, portable, and easy to use. Plus, even when it’s has been tightly packed for transport, it does not crease; any wrinkles immediately disappear as soon as the fabric is tensioned. Ideal for touring productions and other applications requiring high-quality projection as well as compact storage and quick setup. Available in white only.