KRAFTWERK-Concerts in Berlin: GERRIETS working in tandem with one of Musics most innovative groups

Umkirch, 04. February 2015

KRAFTWERK have long been considered one of the leading forces in electronic music. They have had a significant influence on the development of this style of music since the 70’s. The band have once again set new standards with their eight 3D concerts in the New National Gallery in Berlin.

The glass enclosed National Gallery provided some unique acoustic issues which were addressed using the inflatable bass absorber "aQtubeTM". The long reverberation time of 6 seconds was reduced to less than 3.

With the addition of heavy acoustic curtains, GERRIETS bass absorbers were able to provide the best possible acoustic environment for these 8 exceptional KRAFTWERK concerts.

GERRIETS also manufactured and supplied the OPTILUX projection screen on the side of the stage. In addition Gerriets provided the 24m x 10m light grey front curtain made from TAFFETA CS on the Track System KING. The band were spectacularly revealed at the top of the show by the front cutain falling using the GERRIETS G2 Kabuki system.

This major project at the beginning of 2015 helped get the year off to a flying start. Please see some selected images of the concerts and click for a larger view.