FENCE Scissor Track System

Item No. 32200000
  • Scissor track open
  • Scissor track closed
  • Scissor track closed and open
  • Scissor Track System with a winch<br>Width: approx. 17.0 m (18.6 yd)<br>Staatsoper Stuttgart / Germany
  • Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow / Russia
  • Qintai Art Centre, Wuhan / China
  • Congress Centre, Tashkent / Uzbekistan

The Professional Main Curtain System

FENCE is a heavy-duty piece of stage machinery that makes it possible to move large, heavyweight curtains in three different opening styles: Wagner style, Bi-part style and Guillotine style.

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Item No.: 32200000

The Professional Main Curtain System

FENCE is a heavy-duty piece of stage machinery that makes it possible to move large, heavyweight curtains in three different opening styles: Wagner style, Bi-part style and Guillotine style.

The curtain stays in its intended fullness both during opening and closing operation.


  • The system consists of a sturdy steel girder, constructed with an integral, abrasionproof, plastic wheel tread.
  • The extremely quiet operation of the scissor track is performed via laterally-guided, rubbercoated, ball-bearing wheels.
  • All scissor track connecting joints are in maintenance free, permaglide bearings. 
  • The scissor track system’s modular design works for Tab and Venetian cuartains. For Guillotine curtains lateral guidance
    is provided on both sides of the supporting  girder.
  • Movement via a steel cable, connected to a powerful geared motor placed on the steel girder.
  • Due to its compact construction, motors are mounted on the supporting steel girder.
  • The motor selection is determined by the weight of the curtain and the required opening speed.

We manufacture customized FENCE systems for use with curtains and draperies made from our vast selection of curtain fabrics.


Technical Data


  • The scissor track suspension point distances depend on the local building code and the overall system
    weight including curtain.
    General rule: every 4 m.
  • Distance between curtain hanging points: max. every 30 cm.

Curtain speed depending on its weight:

  • Traveler curtain: max. 1,5 m/s (4'11"/s)
  • Tab curtain: max. 1,5 m/s (4'11"/s)


Weight without motor:

  • Traveler curtain: Traveler curtain: approx 35 kg/m.
  • Tab curtain: approx. 50 kg/m.

Stacking space calculation:

  • Approx. 150 mm per one meter of curtain width with a distance between eyelets of 300 mm.


  • The JOKER 95 track HD runner ensure silent operation for Guillotine style curtains.

All FENCE systems are custom manufactured to meet the demands of the project.To quote a custom FENCE system, the following information and technical details are necessary:

  • Measurements, including the available stacking space.
  • Length of centre overlap.
  • Curtain dimensions and weight.
  • Curtain opening style such as Tab or Guillotine.
  • Curtain speed.
  • Number and distance of suspension points.
  • Distance of outer suspension points to the edge.
  • Dimensioned drawing of the installation site.
  • Control unit specifications.


Reference List for FENCE Scissor Track System

Over the past 10 years Gerriets has manufactured and installed over 1.5 kilometers of FENCE scissor track systems,
in various sizes, used in theatres and opera houses worldwide.

The following are some examples of completed projects:

  • Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow / Russia
  • Teatro Real, Madrid / Spain
  • Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid / Spain
  • Grand Théâtre de Genève, Geneve / Switzerland
  • Théâtre du Passage, Neuchatel / Switzerland
  • Den Norske Opera & Ballet, Oslo / Norway
  • Muziektheatre, Amsterdam / The Netherlands
  • Theatre (Schauspielhaus) Düsseldorf / Germany
  • State Theatre, Oldenburg / Germany
  • City Theatre, Paderborn / Germany
  • City Theatre, Potsdam / Germany
  • Prince Regent Theatre, Munich / Germany
  • Concert Hall, Baden-Baden / Germany
  • City Theatre, Fürth / Germany
  • Opéra Garnier, Paris / France
  • Congress Centre, Tashkent / Uzbekistan
  • Stanislavsky Ballet Theatre, Moscow /  Russia
  • Grand Theatre, Handan /  China
  • Grand Theatre, Chongquing / China
  • Oriental Art Centre, Shanghai / China
  • CCTV, Beijing / China
  • National Grand Theatre, Beijing / China
  • Qintai Art Centre, Wuhan / China