Alte Reithalle Aarau

Technology for flexibility

The "Alte Reithalle Aarau": an extremely extensive, exciting and varied project.

In collaboration with Barao-Hutter Atelier from St. Gallen and the theater planning office of Hans-Jörg Huber and Esther Ambühl from Baar in Switzerland, the support track construction for the entire chain hoist system was realised in the Alte Reithalle Aarau using the Gerriets heavy-duty track system CARGO XL. Approx. 260 m of CARGO XL were used here, which allow the chain hoists in the old riding hall to be positioned and controlled in a highly flexible manner.

In addition to the heavy-duty track system, Gerriets also assembled the complete notice board in the foyer of the Old Riding Hall and flexibly installed it on the TRUMPF 95 curtain track system with tubular hooks on trusses. The notice board was made of Gerriets CLIVIA 450 velours in deep black. A total of approx. 1,600 m² of this was processed.

A main curtain for the large stage was made of Gerriets-TREVIRA CS velours ALICANTE in anthracite. Special attention was paid to the foyer area, which can be moved and adjusted in size, with an elaborate decorative canopy made of silver-coloured special spun fabrics, lined with ABSORBER CS, a material specially developed by Gerriets with very high sound absorption values. A total of approx. 800 m² of the silver-coloured special fabric and approx. 1,400 m² of the ABSORBER CS were processed - all textiles can be packed away in special cases with ventilation slots, which are included in the delivery. To meet the acoustic challenges of the indoor riding arena, 30 pcs. Gerriets G-SORBER 1-layer with a curtain size of 2.30 x 7.00 m (w x h) each, including a complex control system for individual and programmable group movements. The G-SORBER with ABSORBER CS curtains can also be moved at an angle by means of a special guide. The dance floor coverings for the stage, including the necessary transport trolleys, were also supplied by Gerriets. In the Aarau riding hall, the newly developed VARIO 2.0, which impresses with its excellent surface properties in combination with its extremely high load-bearing capacity, was
chosen as the dance floor.

As further special features, the custom-made seat cushions for the stage platforms and all curtains in the rehearsal areas and vestibules at the entrances were supplied by Gerriets for this project.


  • City Aarau / Canton Aargau


  • ARGE Barao-Hutter Ghisleni, Rapperswil


  • Atelier Baráo-Hutter, St. Gallen

Acoustics planning




  • Aarau / Switzerland