Music School and Concert Hall Ventspils astonishes with variable acoustics

Umkirch, 18. Mai 2020
25 patented acoustic roller banners G-SORBER by Gerriets ensure multifunctional use of the main hall

In the summer of 2019 as part of Latvia's centenary celebrations, the Music School and Concert Hall was opened in Ventspils. Shortly after the opening of the building with its succinctly folded roof structure, designed by the Stuttgart architects haascookzemmrich STUDIO 2050, it was already considered an important landmark.

The event complex includes a classical concert hall, a small theatre hall, a music library, an outdoor stage, and an amphitheatre along with numerous backstage areas, rehearsal rooms, and a recording studio.

The special spatial experience is supported by unique room acoustics. For example, in the classical concert hall, which has a room volume of over 8,000 m³ and seats 600 visitors, the greatest possible acoustic flexibility has been achieved through targeted acoustic measures. A key component of the acoustic treatment of the room are 25 patented G-SORBER acoustic roller banners – developed, manufactured, and installed by Gerriets – that ensure multifunctional use of the main hall alongside other acoustic improvements. Because of the variable acoustic systems in place, the optimal reverberation times for each application can be achieved easily and quickly no matter whether its for chamber music or vocals. The roller banners are coloured according to customer requirements and were made of the highly absorbent Gerriets acoustic textile ABSORBER CS.

In the small theatre hall and the recording studio, several sound-absorbing curtains made of ABSORBER CS in the customer-specified colours of cobalt blue and magenta ensure the perfect sound experience. The curtain systems were mounted on TRUMPF 95 track systems. 

Alongside the numerous acoustic systems, Gerriets supplied a 10.0 x 7.5 m RUNWAY PLUS roller screen system as a projection screen for the main hall’s stage.