New Gerriets Price List 2018/2019 –
Valid from 1st April 2018

Umkirch, 23. March 2018

The new Gerriets price lists 2018/2019 are valid from 1st April 2018. In order to keep you up to date with our wide ranging product portfolio and our latest product innovations, please find in the following an excerpt of our new products 2018/2019:



  • Extension in the field of textiles:
    - SUPER CANVAS CS – the new and worldwide widest Trevira CS fabric (12,25 m!);
    - WOOLSERGE 500 – now available with B1 certificate according to DIN 4102-1;
    - SQUARE NET VdS – the new cotton fabric with sprinkler certificate (VdS);
    - SQUARE NET CS VdS – the new Trevira CS fabric with sprinkler certificate (VdS);
    - MEGASTRETCH X – the new stretch fabric that stretches well in horizontal and vertical direction;
    - VARIO 2.0 – the new dance floor with a thickness of 2,0 mm and a matte surface;
    - VARIO 2.4 – the new dance floor with a thickness of 2,4 mm and a matte surface that is usable on both sides.



  • Extension in the field of Visual Effects:
    - INVISCREEN® – the highly transparent and worldwide unique glass and window projection screen;
    - Holo-Gauze© – the original special gauze for 3D projection with B1 certificate.



  • Extension of the CARGO heavy-duty track product range especially in the field of smart lighting applications:
    - CARGO powered raceway – the integrated energy and data distribution;
    - CARGO side lighting ladder – the flexible system for modular lighting frames;
    - Wide range of CARGO studio runners as well as new solutions for multifunctional studio and bridge
       crane applications;
    - CARGO truss carriers for 2-, 3- and 4-point trusses;
    - Enhancements and further accessories for CARGO crane bridge systems;
    - Enlargement of the CARGO accessories program like optimised stage suspensions;
       cable guide components, a variable end stop as well as a variety of camlocks.
  • Extension in the field of cable guide components:
    - Tensioning pulley for sandbag balance.
  • Provision of BATTEN CLEW with shackle.


  • Extension in the fiels of fasteners:
    - PIPE CAT – the new fastening system with fixed height, especially for trusses and flybars;
    - BASE CAT – for quick connection between runner and curtain;
    - DRAPE FIX ADJUST – the new fastening system, adjustable in height and at booth loops.
  • Optimization of the patented curtain fastening system G-QUICK – now available as G-QUICK 2.0.
  • Due to an optimized production process 50 % off of the fastening system G-CABLE.


Price lists can be requested via e-mail moc.steirreg[ta]ofni.