Sound Curtain STAGE

Item No. 1252*
  • 3-layer Sound Curtain STAGE<br>Lenght: each 42.0 m (45.9 yd)<br>Blue box - Faculty of Architecture at Bochum University / Germany --------- KING rail systems movable by remote control / media control.<br>Blue box - Faculty of Architecture at Bochum Univer

- sound absorbing and sound isolation -

In theatres the classic sound curtain often is mounted directly behind the main curtain. During conversions, it is shut down after closing the main curtain to separate the sounds on the stage from the auditorium and thus to maintain the illusion.

For years we had been developing the 5- or 7-layer acoustic curtain for this application, which significantly reduces these occurring sound emission. A similar design is provided by our OFFICE Sound Curtains, which elegantly separate offices, meeting rooms and other areas with electrically powered track systems.

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Item No.: 1252*
Material: cotton / PVC
Flame retardant: EN 13501-1, DIN 4102 B1

Sound Curtain STAGE - sound absorbing and sound isolation

Our Sound Curtain CLASSIC is available in the standard versions of 5- and 7-layer with the respective sound certificate. In order to increase the sound insulation, the system is extendable by adding inner layers at any time.

In theatrical use, the front layer consists of a back and hea vy velour, supplemented by a UNISATIN on the back. Therefore the sound curtain can also be used as a main curtain; the robust back protects the curtain from damage and can be easily cleaned. Of course, you can also choose other individual outer layers.

The inner layers consist of highly absorbing cotton fabrics pai red with acoustically insulating layers of PVC. This combination offers a high sound insulation at a relatively low weight.

Advantages of the System

  • Effective and flexible
  • Acoustic separation of stage and auditorium
  • Can also be used as a separation in tradeshow and industrial halls
  • Soundproofing up to 18 dB, subsequently expandable
  • Sound certificates available
  • All layers are flame-retardant 
  • Custom designed outer layers according to client requirements
  • Automated if required

Sound reduction factor according to test certificate

  • 7-layer version up to ~18 dB
  • 5-layer version up to ~16 dB

Fabrication method 5-layer version:

Front side:
Stage velvet CLIVIA 600, flat.

Middle layers:
2 x CALMUC, ecru. / 1 x PVC film.

Back side: lining fabric.

Fabrication method 7-layer version:

Front side:
Stage velvet CLIVIA 600, flat.

Middle layers:
3 x CALMUC, ecru / 2 x PVC film.

Back side: lining fabric.



Alle verwendeten Materialien sind schwer entflammbar nach DIN 4102 B1.