Special 3D projection gauze HOLOGAUZE©

Item No. 21430000

Special 3D projection gauze HOLOGAUZE©

Spectacular 3D projections are created easier than ever using the
ultra-lightweight and innovative projection gauze. From 3D hologram effects to three-dimensional stage design and impressive projection mapping – HOLOGAUZE© performs convincingly in any 3D application.

  • Exclusively distributed by Gerriets
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Gain (Front): 0.15
Colour: grey silver
Material: polyamide / argent
Weight approx.: 17 g/m²
Width approx.: 480,00 cm
Piece length approx.: 48,00 m
Flame retardant: DIN 4102 B1

The Original!

Spectacular 3D projections are now created easier than ever before with the innovative and ultra-lightweight projection gauze.

From hologram effects to real, three-dimensional projections with polarizing filters – the original HOLOGAUZE© performs superbly in any 3D application.

The projection gauze is easy to handle, flame retardant B1 according to DIN 4102-1, ultra-transparent, highly reflective and polarization-preserving and can be found exclusively at the sales department of Gerriets.

HOLOGAUZE© can be used in many areas and due to its easy handling, it is suitable for theatre productions, music festivals, product launches, museum and exhibition installations, as well as for virtual 3D worlds and for real-time effects in film and TV.

HOLOGAUZE© – the one and only!

  • Exclusively distributed by Gerriets
  • Material: 94 % polyamide / 6 % silver