Immersive holographic projection "Time No Longer" by Anri Sala
in Houston/Texas

Umkirch, June 28th, 2021

French-Albanian multimedia artist Anri Sala transforms the catacomb-like cistern of Buffalo Bayou Park into a monumental video and sound installation. Weightlessly, a giant record player floats above the water surface of the underground reservoir in Houston, Texas. Its reflections in the surrounding water reinforce the effect of the infinity of time and space. Music resounds – is interrupted – its reverberation permeates the subterranean colonnade.

For the elaborate video projection, Gerriets' translucent, ultra-light 3D projection gauze met the high standards set for both the texture of the material and the projection properties. In addition, Gerriets' overall package included the complete technical equipment for the project, including on-site installation. The media servers were provided and programmed by the company Eidotech from Berlin.

Anri Sala describes working with the Gerriets‘ team as a special experience, especially in the artistic creation process: 

“What I appreciated the most working with Gerriets, besides and beyond the outstanding quality of the products, was their openness and disposition to approach our collaboration as a process — carefully adjusting the tools to assist a creative project on its journey from an abstract idea to its tangible form — rather than consider it as a mere business transaction.“

"Time No Longer" is a tribute to Challenger astronaut and saxophonist Ronald McNair, the first pioneer to record music in space. A journey that ended before it even began.

With his work in the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern, multimedia artist Anri Sala is currently among the top 100 CODAwards and thus on the shortlist for the 2021 People's Choice Award. The exhibition will be on display through December 12, 2021.