Sistema de caída de cortinas KABUKI

Reveals at the Touch of a Button!

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The Gerriets KABUKI G2 drop system allows for a safe simultaneous curtain drop in mere seconds.

The electronically controlled and extremely quick KABUKI G2 system allows load ratings up to 50 kg per release unit. That means 100 % higher load ratings than previous systems.

Components of the system

  • Release unit.
  • G-FRAME 54 KABUKI G2 control system.
  • Special Control cable with XLR connector.
  • Fabric clamp.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Caribeners, shackles and even zip ties can be used to attach the curtain to the release unit. Piping can also be sewn into the hem of the drape to hook into the mechanism.
  • Attachment of tensioned materials also possible.
  • Release units can be moved individually so there is no need to reposition the eyelets on existing curtains.
  • An ideal choice for touring productions.
  • Quick and easy adjustment with optional fabric clamps.

Security features

  • 'Double check' function: LED Indicators, placed discretely on the bottom of the units, turn green when the system is properly set up.
  • Fail Safe, In case of power failure, release units remain locked to avoid an accidental release of the system.
  • Secure lock in de-energized state without battery or UPS power.