Gerriets is the world's leading company in the distribution and processing of textiles in theaters and opera houses, conference venues, concert halls, for mega events and other major projects.

Are you looking for the right textile for your production or event?

Our extensive range of highly specialized and high-quality textiles is tailored to the needs of the theater and event sector and is constantly being optimized and expanded.

Benefit from special wide fabrics, the best stage molleton on the market, a high-quality selection of stage velvet or effective decorative materials.

Gerriets Textile Solutions - the complete solution for your event requirements!

Photo: © Erik Berg
Den Norske Opera - Oslo, Norway / Decorative curtain in aluminum design

Gerriets special solutions

We go along with any theater... When others give up, we just get started. Special solutions have been part of our company since the very beginning.

The challenge in our daily standard business lies in fast, reliable processing and punctual delivery, for which we are known worldwide.

However, the real challenge for us lies in special solutions. From planning and design to assembly - all steps in which we employ highly qualified employees who do everything they can to make the whole thing a success.

And we have demonstrated this time and again over the last 75 years of company history. What we promise, we keep.

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The Gerriets sewing room

Our seamstresses, some of whom have decades of experience, use all the tricks of the trade to produce everything from gold leaf-covered decorative curtains, huge ceiling sails, velour hangings, grommets and nettle fabrics, stretch materials and round horizons for the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

A wealth of experience and state-of-the-art technology come together here. We can call the longest automatic sewing machine and the widest weaving machine in the world our own, as well as a cutting and sheeting machine that was developed especially for us after months of planning.

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Production hall with stage tower

In order to meet the constantly growing order situation in the coming years, Gerriets is opening a new 2,000 m² production hall at its production site in Volgelsheim in Alsace/France in 2018. The centerpiece of the new hall is a 14-metre-high platform tower, which allows ready-made textiles such as curtains and grommets to be subjected to even better quality control.

Nettle fabric

The "traditional" textile! Lightweight and versatile.

Whether made of cotton, CS or PES, exclusively at Gerriets also in extreme widths of up to 1220 cm, as a stage backdrop, acoustically transparent canvas or ceiling covering: our selection of nettle fabrics offers you the basis for a wide range of applications. For example, some can be printed or painted.

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Mercedes-Benz IAA stand - Hanover, Germany / SHIRTING nettle fabric

Horizon fabric

"Horizons" as far as the eye can see!

Stage horizons are often the basis for an impressive stage set in a theater or opera house. Convince yourself of the versatility and high quality of our horizon fabrics.

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Photo: © Infinite Scenic
American Visionary Artists Museum Baltimore- bMD, USA / Art installation made of painted horizon fabric EIFEL

Stage velour

Velvety soft and beautiful. It couldn't be more royal!

Ideal for main curtains! Our wide range of high-quality stage velours includes light-absorbing or opaque as well as sound-absorbing materials made of cotton or Trevira CS with acoustic properties.

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New National Theatre - Tokyo, Japan / CLIVIA 600 decorative curtain made of stage velour


Transparency in all respects!

Strong and durable grommet available in large widths for seamless processing. Can be painted, colored, semi-transparent and suitable for front and rear projections.

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Photo: © www.tarm.de
100 years of OBO Bettermann - Menden, Germany / Laser show on tapestry tulle


Modern networking is also becoming increasingly important for us!

Visually extremely attractive elements for attaching decorations, props or as safety nets. Real eye-catchers!

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Casa da Música- Porto, Portugal / STAGE NETWORKS

Molton fabrics

As multifunctional as a Swiss army knife

Multifunctional and effective molton fabrics in various weights and qualities for coverings, decorations and backdrops. Shop windows, large surfaces, walls, room dividers, backdrops or platforms - Gerriets has the right molton for you for every application.

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Venice Biennale - Venice, Italy / Curtain made of Molton

Bluebox & Greenbox

And the illusion is perfect!

Our Bluebox and Greenbox fabrics made of wool, Trevira CS and polyester have been specially developed for blue and greenbox technology in the television studio sector.

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Photo: © SWR
SWR television studios A / B / C / D - Stuttgart, Germany / Greenbox

Decoration fabrics

Just beautiful is often not enough!

A rich and colorful product range made of sound-permeable Trevira CS and polyester materials. Wherever our inexpensive decorative fabrics are used, things get really colorful! Indoors and outdoors, these fabrics are also perfect for upholstery, decoration and theater applications, creating impressive scenery.

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Photo: © Hauser & Partner AG
Hauser & Partner AG - Dübendorf, Switzerland / Strips made of FAHNENTUCH CS

Effect and decoration materials

Not just a shower curtain!

Completely different, hard-wearing and weldable materials for a wide variety of effective and decorative applications.

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Photo: © Caleb Tkach
Terrell Place Lobby - Washington D.C., USA / Diffusion foil FROST

Object fabrics

The visually and acoustically high-quality fabrics!

Printable and extremely tear-resistant contract fabrics made of cotton, polyester or Trevira CS. Ideal for visual and acoustic partitions.

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Photo: © Tom Mesic
The little mermaid - Linz, Austria / Cushion covers made of SATIN PROJEKT 350

Blackout fabric

Clipped out!

Blackout effects with light-tight, soundproof and cut-resistant materials.

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Photo: © Norbert Miguletz
Schirn Kunsthalle - Frankfurt, Germany / Blackout curtains made of NIGHT 300

Glass fabric

The incombustibles - go through any fire together!

Wherever non-combustible material is required, our glass fabrics have their place. Weather-resistant, therefore also ideal for outdoor use.

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Photo: © Gerriets
Bremen Arena - Bremen, Germany / Glass fabric on STRATUS Roman shade system

Outdoor fabric

In any weather, in any city...!

These very hard-wearing outdoor materials offer protection from sunlight, wind and rain, are acoustically transparent, breathable and provide shade! Visually very appealing design with a delicate surface structure and high color fastness.

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Photo: © SpY UrbanArt
Quédate con Cuenca - Cuenca, Spain / Art installation with HABUTAI and CS TAFT

Event fabric

The wafer-thin ones!

Light, thin fabrics for effects and decorations in interior design. Can also be used for projections, stable, transparent to opaque.

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Photo: © MAORI d.o.o.
The Black Masks - Ballet Opera - Maribor, Slovenia / CS VOILE, GLASS CLEAR FOLIE, TRANSPARENT MIRROR FOLIE

Trade fair textiles and ceiling tensioning fabrics

The permeable ones!

Water-permeable, sprinkler-compatible fabric made of cotton or Trevira CS. Simply ideal and effective for use in the show and event sector, ideal trade fair textile for stretch ceilings in the trade fair construction sector. With VDS certificate!

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Photo: © Hopermann
IAA exhibition stand Mercedes-Benz - Frankfurt, Germany / Ceiling canopy

Stretch fabric

The stretchy ones!

Elastic fabric for decorations, stage sets, coverings, partly suitable for projections.

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Bouroullec exhibition at the Louvre - Paris, France / Tunnel skin made of white stretch material

Stage gauze

Not just for the big stage!

Ideal air- and sound-permeable polyethylene fabric in various widths for covering open-air stages. Ideal for outdoor use, as well as for privacy and windbreak nets.

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Photo: © Felix Groteloh
Power of Diversity - The Crossing Lines - Freiburg, Germany / Stage construction with BÜHNENGAZE

Functional textiles

Form follows function!

The first self-adhesive and repositionable textile on the market. Ideal for seamless front and rear projection; for TV, photo and film studios and for thermal regulation of large window fronts. The LUNAR REMOVE version is the first self-adhesive and repositionable textile on the market.

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Photo: © D. Matevejev
Lithuanian National Drama Theater for Opera and Ballet - Vilnius, Lithuania / LUNAR SPOT

Effect fabric

The most beautiful shine in the light!

For elaborate light and gloss effects in the decoration sector, also suitable for theater and variety stages. CHROM also with 3D effect.

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Photo: © Volkstheater Wien
MENSCHENFEIND - Vienna, Austria / Black-silver effect fabric

Strip and thread curtains

Not flimsy at all!

Elegant transparency and visually attractive: thread curtains create unique visual or scenic effects on stage, in decoration, event and trade fair construction. Whether for shop windows, "transparent walls" in architecture or as semi-transparent projection surfaces.

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Photo: © n³ architektur
Hotel Glockenspitze - Altenkirchen, Germany / Curtains made of MACAU CLASSIC effect fabric

LED curtains

The most beautiful starry sky since LEDs have been around!

Effective and enigmatic! Professional LED animation curtains are now available in 5 different versions, from the CLASSIC version, ready-made star curtains made to measure or in standard sizes, to the outdoor-suitable ShowLED ANIMATION WATERPROOF version.

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LED Vorhänge
Photo: © Benart Sound Light-Vision-Stage System
TRT Sevgi Studio - Ankara, Turkey / ShowLED CLASSIC


As exciting and versatile as the crime scene!

Exclusively from Gerriets! Unique, handmade design fabric for the decoration sector and trade fair construction. Also suitable for interior design and film sets.

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Photo: © Gerriets
Stage|Set|Scenery booth Gerriets - Berlin, Germany / CONTRA O

Stage foliage and jute

Camouflage for the stage!

Effect materials especially for trade fair and decoration construction, as well as for stage sets. Jute is also used in costume design.

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Kinderland "Treffpunkt Baumhaus" - Vienna, Austria / Ceiling sails from BÜHNENLAUB

Modeling fabric

Quick and easy to shape!

As the name suggests: Form'it! With our two-component material for modeling three-dimensional objects, you can quickly and easily shape your ideas in the areas of decoration construction or stage design. Can be shaped, printed, painted and processed in any way you like.

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Europa Park; FORM IT
Photo: © Europa-Park
"Pirates in Batavia" Europa-Park - Rust, Germany / Boulders made of FORM'IT UNO GRANIT fashion fabric

Acoustic fabric and acoustic curtains

It couldn't sound better!

Highly absorbent fabrics for acoustic applications. Ideal for use in multi-purpose halls for variable acoustic control with flexible absorption methods.

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Open Systems AG - Zurich, Switzerland / Room-in-room concept with ABSORBER LIGHT

Metal mesh

Effective and flexible!

G-MESH, the effective and flexible metal mesh impresses with its unique creative potential and eliminates the clumsiness and coldness of conventional metal surfaces. UV and water resistant, it is ideal for outdoor architectural installations in combination with movement, water and light effects and is appreciated by designers, architects and landscape gardeners alike.

Photo: © Holger Knauf
Swarovski factory premises - Wattens, Austria / semi-transparent veil curtain made of G-MESH 12.0 RING FABRIC


... what else would you like?

In addition to the products already presented, we also offer a wide range of accessories.

Our GaffGun tape roller allows you to lay cables and dance floors in an upright position, thus protecting your back and knees. The time saved with GaffGun is revolutionary: 80% of the laying time can be saved with the tape roller.

With G-QUICK 2.0, PIPE CAT and PIPE CLAMP, you can hang your curtains and brochures many times faster than with other fastening systems.

Our other accessories range from various adhesive tapes, webbing and Velcro tapes, stage and binding tapes to textile fringes, borders, tassels and embroidery. You will also find special cleaning sets, flame retardants and protective bags in our accessories list.

  1. 41070025- | PIPE CAT

    41070025- | PIPE CAT

  2. 4107002602 | PIPE CLAMP

    4107002602 | PIPE CLAMP

  3. 4107001- | G-QUICK 2.0 for flying bars

    4107001- | G-QUICK 2.0 for flying bars

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