Front Projection Screen GREYSCREEN

Item No. 21140000

The Text and Presentation Screen!

Ideal for presentation of data and graphics. Works well in applications with higher levels of diffused light.

  • Very good contrast.
  • One-sided self-adhesive on request.
Περισσότερες πληροφορίες
Πάχος : 0,30 mm
Gain (εμπρόσθιας): 0.61
Χρώμα: grey
Υλικό : PVC
Βαρός ανά: 440,00 g/m²
Φάρδος: 210,00 cm
Μήκος τοπιού: 50,00 m
Βραδύκαυστο: EN 13501-1 B-s3, d0, NFPA 701

The Text and Presentation Screen!

GREYSCREEN is a nearly opaque screen with lower luminance factor than white front projection screens. This limits the amount of stray unwanted reflective ambient light from the screen.

Applications include brighter environments such as conference rooms, taking advantage of the lower reflection qualities in the screen to reduce reflections of stray light. The grey surface of the screen also boosts the black levels and makes it an ideal screen for text presentations.

Greyscreen is also often used when front projection in the shape of a dome is required. The lower reflectivity and matte nature of the screen reduce unpleasant back reflections inherent in dome projections.

  • Very good contrast.
  • Seaming possible: yes.
  • Screen type: D.
  • Packing method running meters: generally rolled.
  • Delivery of manufactured curtains or screens: generally folded, on request rolled.

We manufacture custom projection screens to customer specifications to nearly any shape and size.