Heavy loads, smooth operation

Umkirch, 03. April 2017
A versatile heavy-duty track system developed by Gerriets

CARGO is a unique heavy duty track system that is available in four load categories; S / M / L / XL. The profile is manufactured from high tensile strength extruded aluminum and is offered in anodised black or natural aluminum finishes. It has an extremely low rolling resistance of 0.8%. This means, for example, a two ton LED wall panel can be easily moved with only 80 kg of force. Due to its intelligently designed, rigid, box shaped extrusion, impressive span distances between suspension points are possible with no deflection. The system is designed to accept a wide range of high strength plastic and aluminum carriers as well as a full range of mounting accessories. New for 2017 is a studio runner with quick release spigot for attachment of a variety of lighting fixtures, monitor speakers and LCD screens. This runner also has an integrated brake that allows for precise positioning of equipment without fear of accidental movement. The CARGO system is designed so that all carriers and accessories can be used on all versions of the track. Load rating is determined by the version of track that is selected (S / M / L / XL).

Applications for CARGO track systems are diverse. In addition to the traditional use as a heavy-duty track system for moving heavy scenery or LED walls, it also can be used as flybars or battens in stage rigging. A recent project in the Chemnitz Theatre uses (18) CARGO L systems as the flybars over the main stage. The CARGO L is attached to the motorised rigging system and offers the theatre a smart solution to the traditional flybars. Not only is the CARGO L a qualified load rated flybar, it offers the additional advantages of smooth running carriers to move scenery and soft goods, but also as a lighting bar to easily mount and move lighting or projection equipment securely.

CARGO profiles:

Suspension Distance: 3 m (118”) / Point Load: 160 kg (352 lbs.) / Distributed Load: 288 kg (633 lbs.)

Suspension Distance: 3 m (118”) / Point Load: 400 kg (880 lbs.) / Distributed Load: 720 kg (1,584 lbs.)

Suspension Distance: 3 m (118”) / Point Load: 800 kg (1,760 lbs.) / Distributed Load: 1,440 kg (3,168 lbs.)
Suspension Distance: 6 m (19’-8”) / Point Load: 175 kg (173 lbs.) / Distributed Load: 315 kg (693 lbs.)

Suspension Distance: 3 m (118”) / Point Load: 1200 kg (2,640 lbs.) / Distributed Load: 1995 kg (4,389 lbs.)
Suspension Distance: 6 m (19’-8”) / Point Load: 320 kg (704 lbs.) / Distributed Load: 576 kg (1,267 lbs.)