Gerriets at 2011 IAA Frankfurt

Umkirch, 19. December 2011

The 64th Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) drew more than 900,000 visitors. The IAA has been one of the most important trade fairs for Gerriets for many years, and we were very pleased to again be involved in creating the show’s largest and most spectacular display: the Mercedes-Benz booth.
Over the past several years, Gerriets has supplied a variety of extraordinary ceiling coverings for the Mercedes-Benz booth. This year, the ceiling element consisted of more than 5,000 m² of custom-dyed blue muslin. Wrinkle-free suspension of the fabric was achieved by means of a custom-engineered and -fabricated 7-ton elliptical steel ring.
All components were precision-manufactured to ensure that despite the enormous dimensions there was no difficulty incorporating the ceiling element into the venue’s existing steel construction. Gerriets worked closely with Display International to help deliver the key aspect of a truly outstanding booth that satisfied Mercedes-Benz and created a high-impact presentation experienced by masses of enthusiastic visitors. We are delighted to share some impressive pictures ….