Gold for Gerriets

Umkirch, 25. January 2017
Gerriets becomes Trevira CS-Gold Member 2017 and is delighted to receive a 'Special Recognition' for the acoustically highly effective textile ABSORBER CS

At this year's Heimtextil trade fair from 09.-12. January 2017 in Frankfurt Gerriets was granted the Trevira-CS-Gold Member status for the first time in the company's history. The member status is based on the fulfillment of different criteria. These include the Trevira CS sales figures, the global presence of the company and the creativity of the Trevira CS products. The Gold Member Award was received by Swen Stapelfeldt, Purchasing Manager of Gerriets GmbH.

Trevira also honored the winners of the Fabric Creativity Competition 2017 at the Heimtextil trade fair. The subject of the fabric contest was 'Mobility', fabrics used in places like hotel lobbies or in restaurents. Particular emphasis was placed on criteria such as abrasion resistance, long life, weight or safety of the textile, the degree of innovation, the trend consciousness and the additional function of the fabric. Taking these criteria into account, Trevira awarded the highly sound-absorbing Gerriets acoustic fabric ABSORBER CS with a 'Special Recognition'. ABSORBER CS has a particularly high absorption value, is extremely robust and a flame retardant alternative to classic woolen fabrics. The textile is suitable for rooms that are to be acoustically optimized and darkened.

Panel's opinion to ABSORBER CS: "With its pleasantly cool gloss the beautiful heavy satin is like a gentleman’s scarf and is suited for a variety of uses. An obvious one is as stage curtain in the theatre or at exhibitions or events, but also as decorative fabric in the loft or restaurant. It could possibly be used as dim-out as well. The material surface is stable and the fabric falls in soft, lush folds. As the name indicates, ABSORBER CS is a highly effective, sound absorbent fabric, recognised by the panel to be an almost intrinsic material, full of character, with an elevated, timeless aesthetic quality that captivates" (Trevira).