Peace and tranquility in Pérez Art Museum Miami, thanks to GERRIETS

Umkirch, 04. February 2015

Tranquility has arrived inside the new Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), as specified by architects Herzog & de Meuron (Stefan Hoerner). GERRIETS manufactured and installed nine complex, acoustic curtains suspended from Trumpf 95- and Joker 95 motorised track systems.

The movement control system allows up to 7 different pre-set positions for each curtain. The heaviest of the nine curtains weighs 1400 lbs (640 kg) and is 78’ (23.80 m) wide x 27’ (8.25 m) high. The curtain fabric is of complex construction, using up to nine layers of acoustic materials. The curtains provide sound insulation of up to 18 dB between spaces and substantially reduce reverberant sound levels, while providing the beauty, durability and practical operational use that Gerriets is noted for.

Visually, the acoustic curtains complement the splendid PAMM interiors, while establishing a calm and restful aural environment.