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Showtech 2023 Product Awards

Gerriets received two awards in the category Sustainability for the "Sustainability project: Recycling of dance floors and projection foils"


As one of the oldest and largest manufacturer of dance floors for all types of dance in the world, we have produced, supplied and installed our VARIO CLASSIC on the stages and rehearsal halls of the world for over 60 years, we are now looking forward to a whole new generation of VARIO dance floors.

Gerriets donates €10,000 to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) again

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was founded in France in 1971. In the following years and decades, convinced supporters founded their own associations of the organisation worldwide.

Trevira CS Club 2022
Gold for Gerriets

For the sixth time in a row we are delighted to have been awarded Trevira CS Gold status again, demonstrating how much we value our close partnership with the quality yarn manufacturer.

Gerriets donates € 10,000 to
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Doctors Without Borders – Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent medical relief organisation working internationally. MSF was founded in France in 1971. In the following years and decades, convinced supporters founded their own associations of the organisation worldwide. 

Textile Design Workshop
at Berlin Opera Foundation

Workshop on "Basic knowledge in painting and designing textiles" by Gerriets with the company Haussmann Theatre Colours in the painting hall of the Berlin Opera Foundation

Gerriets at the Humboldt Forum Berlin

In the middle of Berlin's historic centre, the Humboldt Forum opened (digital) on 17th of December 2020. Designed as a place for culture and science, for exchange, debate, experience and encounter, the Humboldt Forum presents outstanding collections and a diverse programme

Reality Check WebXR Tutorial at the Deutsches Theater Berlin

Unsere TRUMPF 95 im WebXR Reality-Check

Information on the current raw materials market

When we sent out our new price lists at the end of March, we already announced that we are currently in a challenging situation on the raw materials market as a result of the Corona pandemic and other related economic factors.

With CORFU PLUS Gerriets launches a stage cloth of the new generation

After an intensive product planning development, Gerriets introduces a stage cloth with slip-resistant coating and extraordinary product features

Full transparency with INVISCREEN® –
New, highly transparent glass and window projection screen

Astonish your audience and visitors with magical moments. Due to the crystal-clear nature of the screen, INVISCREEN® is not visible during the day. At night or in dark rooms one can project onto the highly transparent polyester screen.

Variable Acoustic Solutions for Rock and Pop Music –
The science behind our product aQflex™

Do you want to know more about the science behind our aQflex™ product? Then we recommend the book "Rock and Pop Venues" by Niels Werner Adelman-Larsen, owner of the company Flex Acoustics and creator of the product aQflex™.

Repeated Gold Status in the
Trevira CS Club 2021

Gerriets is again awarded Gold Member status with Trevira CS this year.

Gerriets donates 10,000 mouth-nose masks to the Kenyan village of Nyagwethe

In cooperation with the 'Association Franco Pini' and with logistical support from Lufthansa Cargo and the freight forwarding company Streck, Gerriets donates inhouse produced mouth-nose masks.

New 7-axis turning and milling machine for the Gerriets factory

After the purchase of a Mazak 4-axis milling machine in 2017, the Gerriets factory has now expanded again with the acquisition of a Mazak INTEGREX 7-axis turning and milling machine for an automated operation.

Variable acoustic curtains for the library of the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne

The white acoustic curtains in the library of the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in Cologne are designed to be reminiscent of the world-famous 1927 exhibition booth "Velvet & Silk Café". Several sound curtains OFFICE as well as straight and curved TRUMPF 95 OFFICE track systems remind us of the work of Lilly Reich and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Music School and Concert Hall Ventspils astonishes with variable acoustics

The Music School and Concert Hall was planned by the German architects haascookzemmrich STUDIO 2050. Shortly after its opening, it was already considered an important Latvian landmark. The special spatial experience in the building is supported by unique room acoustics. 25 patented G-SORBER acoustic roller banners by Gerriets along with other acoustic treatments ensure the perfect sound in the main hall.

Training "Visual Effects and Projectors" by Panasonic and Gerriets

On 04.12.2019 a training in cooperation with Panasonic took place in our workshops in Volgelsheim / France.

Repeated Gold Member with
Trevira CS Club

At this year's Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt, Gerriets was awarded Trevira CS Gold Member status.

The Stage|Set|Scenery 2019 in Berlin – almost like an in‐house exhibition for Gerriets!

At this year's Stage|Set|Scenery in Berlin, GERRIETS experienced another extremely quality exhibition. All the Gerriets Staff at the stand including the catering crew were pretty busy.

New brochure available now!

SCREEN SOLUTIONS shows our entire screens portfolio including numerous reference projects. Request your personal copy today.

Curtain up for the reopened State Opera Unter den Linden

On 3rd of October 2017 the ensemble of the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden was able to relocate the historic opera house after seven years of general restoration. In compliance with monument preservation aspects amongst others the stage technology was renewed. The sustainment of the preserved historical character of the opera house played an important role. Therefore, Gerriets manufactured the main curtain after historical model and in careful manual work.

New brochure available now!

TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS shows our entire technical portfolio including numerous reference projects. Request your personal copy today.

Gerriets installs state-of-the-art translucent acoustic curtains at local preparatory school

Keith Roeckle, Director of Instrumental Studies at the Lawrenceville School explained the value of the ABSORBER LIGHT curtains to them: “The new curtains in Dresdner Hall have provided us with a unique situation – not only do they perform a visually aesthetic function, they provide a means to change the room to the purpose. 

Opening of new Greek National Opera

The production of the opening celebration was directed by Thomas Moschopoulos and produced in close collaboration with VIEWMASTER SA. They worked with Gerriets Hellas to develop creative projections with 3D effect for the mainstage performances.

Gerriets develops new acoustic technology for the Elbphilharmonie concert hall

Use of variable absorber systems in the Great and Small Hall of the currently most famous concert hall in the world. Special feature: a worldwide new technology is used in the Great Hall. Here, the acoustic roller banners are not lowered from the ceiling, but are moved upwards from the parquet floor.

Gerriets provides FROST Diffusion Film for interactive lobby display

ESI Design created for Terrell Place in Washington D.C. a more harmonious interior and a contemporary, exciting work destination. They transformed the space by treating it as a single media canvas. ESI Design’s vision called i. a. for 11 different diffusion screens made from Gerriets FROST diffusion film.

Heavy loads, smooth operation

In addition to the classic application of CARGO as a heavy duty track, it is also possible to use it as a flybar. An extremely low rolling resistance, high load capacity, impressive span length and many other quality features are the quality characteristics of the Gerriets system.

3D Projection Gauze

Spectacular 3D projections are now created easier than ever before with the innovative and ultra-lightweight projection gauze. From 3D hologram effects to three-dimensional stage design and impressive projection mapping –  the gauze performs convincingly in any 3D application.

The new weatherproofed outdoor textile by Gerriets

Acoustically transparent, air-permeable and shady! The high-quality polyester is chlorine-resistant, water-repellent, PVC-free, UV-resistant and certified with the Öko-Tex® Standard 100. The application possibilities of the innovative outdoor textile are versatile.

Wreck of the Titanic now on display at the Panometer in Leipzig

Artist Yadegar Asisi takes visitors of the Panometer into a new world with his latest work 3,800 meters below the ocean’s surface to the wreck of the Titanic. The fourth installation of Yadegar Asisi’s panoramic work was revealed using Gerriets Kabuki G2 curtain drop system on January 28, 2017 in Leipzig, Germany.

Gold for Gerriets

Gerriets becomes Trevira CS-Gold Member 2017 and is delighted to receive a ‘Special Recognition’ for the acoustically highly effective textile ABSORBER CS.

Awarded Gerriets acoustic fabric ABSORBER LIGHT now available in white

Gerriets is expanding its ABSORBER LIGHT assortment by a further colour variant. The fabric, which is granted the award for Innovation ARCHITECT + OFFICE, is also available in white from the beginning of March. First impressions of our white variant are provided by a project study in Switzerland.

Gerriets acoustic solutions at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg

The acoustics played a decisive role in the design of the concert halls; this is also confirmed by the collaboration with the renowned Japanese acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota. We are especially proud of the fact that Gerriets acoustic solutions also provide the perfect sound experience at the Elbphilharmonie.

The new Gerriets SANDBAGS

We present our newest product innovation – the Gerriets SANDBAGS. The highly abrasion and tear resistant bags designed for maximum durability. Specially developed for versatile usage in event sector as well as on theatre and opera stages.

Gerriets highlights history in former milk production facility
Radolfzell / Germany

With the help of Gerriets the historic event location appears in a brand new style. Due to a special TRUMPF 95 track system it is possible to guide visitors to the event halls, catering area or wardrobe in a systematic way.

Gerriets supplies futuristic design curtain for new ZF Forum
Friedrichshafen / Germany

Based on the architectural concept, Gerriets supplied the lobby and exhibition area with two G-MESH partition curtains made of 12.0 Ring Mesh.

'Special Distinction' for ABSORBER LIGHT and OFFICE Sound Reduction Curtain

In conjunction with ORGATEC 2016, the architecture Magazines AIT and xia Intelligente Architektur has awarded Gerriets with a ‘Special Distinction’ for the kinetic acoustic solution ‘OFFICE Sound Reduction Curtain’ and the highly absorbent fabric ‘ABSORBER LIGHT’.

TV-/Filmstudio Greenbox made of TELEVISION CS and VARIO<br>Client: Musik Paradies GmbH, Hollabrunn / Austria
Studio Musik Paradies –
Hollabrunn / Austria

Recently the journal Media Biz hailed the new studio Musik Paradies in Hollabrunn as ‘Hollabrunnywood‘. Musik Paradies have developed a new production company to create high quality commercials, corporate films and music videos

Transformation in an instant –
Discovery Cube Science Center / Orange County, CA, USA

Gerriets designed and installed a complex audiovisual system that converts an existing expo hall into a movie theater and back again easily and quickly.

Gerriets protects performers joints with sprung floor system

Gerriets VARIO ERGODANCE sprung floor system’s ease of installation and its shock absorbing elastomer pads that reduce dance injuries make it the floor of choice for BB Promotion, a large European tour operator. The famous Company Trockadero de Monte Carlo says: "The absolute most amazing sprung deck we have ever used."


Special Effect Duvetyne STARDUST by Gerriets

A duvetyne that can be used as a ‘star curtain’ – durable, versatile and cost-effective! STARDUST is the new shining star in the Gerriets duvetyne range.

New Gerriets branch in Poland:
Gerriets extends its worldwide presence

On the 1st of July 2016 Gerriets opened a new subsidiary in northern Warsaw. With the Polish office ‘Gerriets Sp. z o.o.’ Gerriets has further expanded its international network. 

Adele World Tour –
Europe / North America

The collaboration between the award winning designer Es Devlin and Gerriets London resulted in one of the onstage highlights – a Gerriets manufactured 29.00 m x 9.50 m white ISOLDE 8 point sharkstooth gauze.

Variable room acoustics in St Georgen Church –
Wismar / Germany

The multi purpose use of the venue meant that its acoustic issues needed to be addressed. It was important, especially for electrically amplified concerts, to reduce reverberation times. In order to deal with these issues Gerriets installed their new G-SORBER system at the beginning of 2016.

SUPERTITLE – The new Gerriets LED Supertitle System

For several months now Gerriets has been selling it’s own custom designed LED system. This supertitle system was developed with help from experts and users in order to create the perfect supertitle experience in theatres and at the opera.

G-SORBER – Further development in the field of variable room acoustics

Gerriets presents product innovation in the field of variable room acoustics – the acoustic roller banner G-SORBER.

Rising from the Ruins
The Isaac Theatre Royal has returned to its former glory

In November 2014 the theatregoers of Christchurch N.Z. celebrated the reopening of the Isaac Theatre Royal.

Gerriets at the Vienna Opera Ball

The highlight of the Viennese carnival is the Opera Ball. The magic of Vienna castsits spellover the whole world during this very special time.
The Viennese waltz, the debutants ball and the music of Mozart all feature heavily in the popular press during this period.

Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre / Georgia

The visitors to the newly refurbished National Theatre in Tbilisi are in agreement that it is a wonderful building with a spectacular interior. The renovated Opera House features an ornate, gold house curtain finished with elegant detailing made from Gerriets special effect material GRANAT.

A New Track System for the Zurich Opera House

In 2014 Gerriets technical specialists visited the Zurich Opera House. The stage designer explains his new project.
Actually operas in Zurich are presented in staged productions that range in styles from traditional to modern conceptual designs. 

The London Symphony Orchestra in Concert - in a Factory

On July 19th in 2015 Kent Nagano conducts the London Symphony Orchestra in an AUDI factory workshop N58.  The  stage is virtual, in the shape of a shell. Common loudspeakers provide the sound for  a classical concert. A concert hall in a automotive industry hall? How does it work?

The Top 9 Myths About Gerriets Dancefloors – And the End of the Legend

The Top 9 Myths About Gerriets Dancefloors – And the End of the Legend


GaffGun™ is Gerriets new, innovative Tape Roller for fast, efficient laying of Gaffer tapes and cables - all in record time.

Global Projects – the REFERENCE BOOK

The reference book presents the wide range of GERRIETS products and associated projects.
We proudly offer you an insight intoa diverse selection of interesting projects- each one creative, innovative and tailored to the needs of our customers.

New Design for GERRIETS Homepage

Improved search facility -user friendly design is the priority for our new improved website.

Special offer for SUPER Muslin

Today’s special offer –  price reduction for SUPER Muslin, 10 m wide.

New acoustic fabric from GERRIETS - ABSORBER LIGHT - the all-rounder

GERRIETS adds to its specialist acoustic fabrics. New ABSORBER LIGHT strongly soaks up sound while letting light through. It is ideal for use on windows in naturally lit rooms where a calm acoustic atmosphere is desired.

The Wall - product extension

Additions to THE WALL. Not only available in the original unpainted grey colour, now also available in brick stone, cool tones and warm sand colors.

Gerriets “CONTRA-H” and “CONTRA-O” now also available in silver-grey

Up until now the handcrafted effect fabric was available in the colors ecru and black.

ÖBB Group Headquarters – 9,000 m2 of Gerriets curtains

What does the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Royal Opera House in London and the new ÖBB Group headquarters in Vienna have in common?
The curtains are made by Gerriets!

New main curtain for the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Croatia

The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Croatia was recently adorned with a new main curtain...

Peace and tranquility in Pérez Art Museum Miami, thanks to GERRIETS

Tranquility has arrived inside the new Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

KRAFTWERK-Concerts in Berlin: GERRIETS working in tandem with one of Musics most innovative groups

KRAFTWERK have long been considered one of the leading forces in electronic music. They have had a significant influence on the development of this style of music since the 70’s...

New hall separation curtain in Baku

In the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku, Azerbaijan Gerriets installed an 82 meter wide and 20 meter high hall separation system that is tailored to the contours of the grandstand.

Gerriets AqFlex® successfully used at ESC 2014

This year's Euro Vision Song Contest has been on everyone’s radar. This was certainly the case at Gerriets where the event became a big issue. At...

Panoramic images of Asisi
Leipzig / Germany

"LEIPZIG 1813 - In the confusion of the Battle of the Nations" moves into the Asisi Panometer. Artist Yadegar Asisi opened his artwork "LEIPZIG 1813 - In the confusion of the Battle of the Nations"...

GERRIETS technology for the spectacular Crystal Bar at the Vienna Opera Ball 2013

One of the highlights at the Viennese Opera Ball 2013 was the Crystal Bar, which was built in place of the former cloakroom in the foyer of the Vienna State Opera.

New main curtain for the Queen's Hall Performing Arts Center
in Trinidad und Tobago

The majestic crimson velour curtain that went up on the 2013 season at Queen's Hall Performing Arts Center in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was fabricated and installed by Gerriets International...

Swiss Cafeteria is an eye-catcher

The Brugg-Windisch campus of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland is home to the College of Education, the College of...

Welcome to SHOWTECH 2013 in Berlin

Showtech 2013 in Berlin was again as expected a real meet and greet on the Gerriets booth...

GERRIETS for the Bouroullec brothers in Paris

Centrally located in Paris is the Louvre (French Palais du Louvre), a former French royal palace, which together with the destroyed Palais des Tuileries...

TUBE Roller System and OPERA Front/Rear Projection Screen on “SHADOWLAND” World Tour

EWING, New Jersey (March 15, 2013)—Wherever “SHADOWLAND” goes, a Gerriets TUBE roller system and OPERA front/rear projection screen go with it.

Architecture Biennale 2012 in Venice

At the 13th Architecture Biennale, Gerriets provided a complex curtain track system for the NAi (Netherlands Architecture Institute) for the Dutch pavilion in Venice...

SAINT-PREX CLASSICS 2012 in Switzerland

At the end of August, the Saint-Prex Classics took place for the seventh time in the medieval village of Saint-Prex, in French Switzerland...

BOOK FAIR 2012 in Frankfurt

New Zealand was guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2012. Art and culture of the country formed the heart of the exhibition and Gerriets is proud to have provided the stand ...

Machinery by Gerriets raises the Curtain on long-awaited Bolshoi Theater Renovation

Renowned the world over for its ballet and opera productions, the Bolshoi Theater reopened this past October, after renovations and restoration that took six years and more than 700 million dollars.

Gerriets Greece and the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens

Last Summer, Athens hosted the World Summer Games of the 13th Special Olympics. Gerriets is proud to have been involved in this event, in which 7,500 athletes...

Jane's Carousel

A beautiful historic carousel has since last fall been part of Brooklyn Bridge Park, the new waterfront park between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges...

Gerriets-made Art Curtain adorns Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Gerriets had a new and exciting opportunity to help realize the fantastic concepts of visionary designer Petra Blaisse and her company...

Gerriets at 2011 IAA Frankfurt

The 64th Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) drew more than 900,000 visitors. The IAA has been one of the most important trade fairs for Gerriets...

Samara - An extraordinary art curtain

An intricately crafted main curtain now graces the Samara Opera & Ballet Theatre, Russia. Gerriets custom fabricated this opulent bi-part curtain from specially woven Trevira CS velour...

The Reina Club Istanbul Story

With sweeping views across the Bosphorus to the Asian side of the city, Istanbul’s Reina nightclub is by far the most famous and most exclusive hotspot in Istanbul...

Staatsoper Berlin - Symphony of sorrowful songs

For the production of the “Symphony of sorrowful songs“ at the Staatsoper Berlin, Gerriets was asked to provide the mechanic and drive units for heavy slide-and-tilt wood panels.

Huge Ceiling Element for Mercedes Benz

In March 2009, Gerriets was chosen by the exhibition company Ambrosius Frankfurt to realize the project. For the International Auto Show...

Gerriets Provides Sound Curtains for New Copenhagen Concert Hall

Architect Jean Nouvel’s design for Danish Radio Concert Hall has a notably unique exterior and interior. The exterior is enveloped in a blue fibre glass skin that functions as a projection screen.

Gerriets Equips New Oslo Opera House

The new opera house in Oslo, designed by the Norwegian architects Snøhetta, is a highlight in design and architecture...