Item No. 47321610

VARIO ELASTIC is a cushioned underlayment for use under VARIO Reversible Dance Floor. It adds a layer of cushion to the floor surface if used over a hard surface such as concrete.

  • Material: 90 % PVC, 10 % Polyester.
  • Available in full rolls only.
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Item No.: 47321610
Thickness: 4,50 mm
Colour: beige
Material: PVC / polyester
Weight approx.: 880,00 g/m²
Width approx.: 160,00 cm
Piece length approx.: 30,00 m

The ideal base: soft, pleasant and gentle on the joints!

The VARIO ELASTIC dance floor underlay serves to increase the step elasticity.

VARIO ELASTIC consists of 90 % PVC and 10 % polyester.