STRATUS Festoon System

Vertical Curtain Lift with Minimal Space Requirements!

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STRATUS is a motor-operated curtain system for vertically lifting curtains. Perfect for lifting main curtains, design curtains, stage maskings or even used for room dividers.

The system is available in different assemblies and vertical opening styles such as flat or waterfall style curtains.


  • Due to the box truss system, wide spans can be supported with a minimal amount of hanging points are required.
  • Includes a self contained motor with horizontally adjustable pick-up spools.
  • Pile points can be adjusted to allow for different fabric widths.
  • Flame retardant stainless-steel pick-up bands 12 x 0.5 mm (0.47" x 0.01") with rounded edges ensure a high load capacity, very silent travel, and uniform "pile on" and "pile off" operation, as well as quick and easy curtain-height adjustment.
  • Working height up to 25 m (82'0").
  • A wide range of motor options for different curtain weights.
  • Curved festoon curtains or customized designs in polygonal configurations also possible.
  • Control system on request.