Gerriets donates 10,000 mouth-nose masks to the Kenyan village of Nyagwethe

Umkirch, 10. December 2020
In cooperation with the 'Association Franco Pini' and with logistical support from Lufthansa Cargo and the freight forwarding company Streck, Gerriets donates inhouse produced mouth-nose masks

In 1980, Franco Pini (✝ 2016) and his family began to support the social and economic development of the village of Nyagwethe, located on Lake Victoria. The organisation 'Association Franco Pini', founded in 1998, transformed Nyagwethe into a village with significantly better living conditions for the inhabitants by building schools, a hospital and supporting the local economy, among other things.

The Corona virus continues to spread in Kenya. As part of a Christmas campaign and to ensure that the villagers in Nyagwethe can protect themselves as best as possible against infection, the non-profit organisation 'Association Franco Pini' and Gerriets organised the delivery of the ten thousand mouth-nose masks. The donated mouth-nose masks are sustainable and practical because they can be reused many times. The masks can be washed at 90 °C and up to 100 times.