Звукоотражающие ткани

State Opera House
Tibilisi / Georgia


  • Around 2,700 square meters of stage velvet CLIVIA 600 were used to create the festoons, legs and a main curtain.
  • The grand theatrical curtain has been decorated with a golden ornament application using the effect fabric GRANAT.
  • The sound-reflecting textile CLIVIA ECHO was used to improve the acoustics.
  • A silver camouflage curtain measuring 18.0 x 11.0 m (59 x 36 ft).
  • The dropping of backdrop material was made possible by using an electronically controlled KABUKI G2 system.
  • A gold-coloured, two-part grand theatrical curtain with a width measuring 20.5 m and a height of 11.0 m (67 x 36 ft).
  • A second grand theatrical curtain seamlessly printed on a surface of 17.0 x 11.1 m (56 x 36 ft) delivered completely assembled. The motive was painted according to a photograph of the original curtain that was burned in the past and painstakingly reconstructed by the Georgian artist Sergo Kobuladze


  • Opera and Ballet State Theatre



  • Tibilisi / Georgia