Front Projection Screen OPERA® white micro perforated

Item No. 21152000
  • Multimedia 240° panoramic screen made of the OPERA® WHITE MICROPERFORATED front projection screen.<br>Size of the panoramic screen: 28.4 x 5.2 m (31.1 x 5.7 yd) .<br>Landtag Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf / Germany

The Classic Screen with Sound Transmission for Up Close Viewing!

Standard matte-white perforated front projection screen for theatre, event, home cinema and movie theatre applications. Perforated for sound transmission.

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Item No.: 21152000
Thickness: 0,30 mm
Gain (Front): 0.9
Colour: 020
Material: PVC
Weight approx.: 400,00 g/m²
Width approx.: 220,00 cm
Piece length approx.: 50,00 m
Flame retardant: EN 13501-1 B-s3, d0

The Classic Screen with Sound Transmission for Up Close Viewing!

The OPERA® WHITE MIRCO PERFORATED front projection screen is the same as the OPERA® WHITE, but with micro perforation for sound transmission.

OPERA® WHITE MIRCO PERFORATED is often used in screening rooms and in home cinemas, since, as with the OPERA® WHITE PERFORATED, loudspeakers can be placed behind the projection screen, but can be viewed at much closer distances than the more economical standard perforated screen.

With 300,000 holes (0.50 mm diameter) per square meter (195 per square inch) and a perforation area of 6 %, it works very well to allow the passage of sound though the screen, while allowing for close up viewing due to the extremely small size of the perforations.

  • Seaming possible: yes.
  • Screen type: D.
  • Perforation area: 6 %.
  • Perforation count: 300.000/m² (195/in².)
  • Perforation diameter: 0,50 mm.
  • Packing method running meters: generally rolled.
  • Delivery of manufactured curtains or screens: generally folded, on request rolled.

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