Acoustic Roller Banner G-SORBER

Item No. 34200000
  • G-SORBER with TREVIRA CS <br>St. Georgen Church, Wismar / Germany
  • G-SORBER with TREVIRA CS <br>Theatre Heidelberg / Germany
  • G-SORBER with TREVIRA CS <br>Maihof Church, Luzern / Switzerland

With the G-SORBER system Gerriets presents further development in the field of variable room acoustics.

  • Flexible roller assembly for permanent installation including control system.
  • The G-SORBER system consists of a roller assembly with a maximum of two fabric layers enclosed in a protective housing.
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The G-SORBER system is the latest product in our line of variable acoustics.

Reverberation time can be adjusted between different music styles such as chamber music, choir, electro-beats or meetings and conferences. With our G-SORBER system we can realise a perfect sound experience.


  • Sound Absorption Class: A.
  • Double layer of specially developed Trevira CS wide width fabric guarantees high absorption.
  • Seamless fabrication.
  • Reverberation time can be adjusted between different musical styles such as classical, unamplified,
    acoustic and electronic (amplified) music.
  • Custom colours for the textile are possible.
  • Digital printing on the fabric is possible.

Patent pending - registered design.


Technical Data

  • Fabric width ranging from 1.00 - 4.40 m (3'3" - 14'5").
  • Maximum curtain height of 10.00 m (32'9").
  • Single roller design with double layer textile.
  • Compact housing dimensions: 300 mm wide x 600 mm high (12" wide x 24" high).
  • Fabric roller assembly can be installed after housing is installed.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Can be either wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Many different control configurations/presets are possible.