Variable room acoustics in St Georgen Church –
Wismar / Germany

Umkirch, 8. June 2016


The church of St Georgen is one of the most impressive Gothic constructions in the centre of the historic city of Wismar. The cathedral was built entirely from natural stone in the North German Gothic style. Today the church is used for church functions as well as for lectures, theatre productions and concerts.

The multi purpose use of the venue meant that its acoustic issues needed to be addressed. It was important, especially for electrically amplified concerts, to reduce reverberation times. In order to deal with these issues Gerriets installed their new G-SORBER system at the beginning of  2016. The roller banners have helped to optimise the building‘s acoustics. Six of the roller banners have been installed in order to control the reverberation times. Four of the G-SORBER rollers are 4.5 m x 8.5 m and the other two banners measure 8.8 m x 8.5 m.

The G-SORBER system consists of a single roller design with a double layer of ABSORBER CS. Absorption levels of up to α 0.95 can be realised using these rollers. It is possible to manufacture rollers up to 4.50 meters wide by 10 meters high. Custom colours, as well as digitally printed fabrics are also available. The GERRIETS G-SORBER can therefore be sympathetically integrated into any type of building providing an effective solution to acoustic issues without spoiling the aesthetic appearance of a space.