New 7-axis turning and milling machine for the Gerriets factory

Umkirch, 05. August 2020

After the purchase of a Mazak 4-axis milling machine in 2017, the Gerriets factory has now expanded again with the acquisition of a Mazak INTEGREX 7-axis turning and milling machine for an automated operation

Gerriets is known worldwide for high-quality products using the latest technology. The basis for this is, among other things, the continuous expansion and the constant modernization of the company's own machinery. With the new Mazak INTEGREX 7-axis lathe and milling machine, Gerriets can increase its productivity and manufacturing capacity and offer even more efficient products in the future.

The 7-axis machine, with an integrated automatic material feed and an extensive tool catalog, enables optimised production processes and shorter reaction times while maintaining the highest quality.

The new 7-axis turning and milling machine is used for the production of high-precision motor components for the FRICTION-DRIVE, TRAC-DRIVE, or CARGO-DRIVE, as well as for single part and prototype production. Even demanding, customer-specific special solutions can be implemented in a short period of time.


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