The Universal Floor!

VARIO UNI is a durable, single sided vinyl dance floor, with a similar surface to our Vario Reversible but provides a layer of cushioning as well. VARIO UNI is manufactured with 4 layers; a clear protective layer on top, a matte color layer, a base layer of fiberglass reinforcement for dimensional stability, and a foam backing layer applied on the bottom for comfort and traction. VARIO UNI is available in 20 standard matte colors, including enough shades of grey, beige, red and blue, sure to satisfy any studio owner or designer. VARIO UNI can be used as a portable, semi-permanent or permanent floor.

VARIO UNI’s cushioning offers some protection against hard surfaces and is best for Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Ballroom or Social Dancing. It can also be installed over a sprung floor or used on stage when cushioning is needed. Multiple color options offer a myriad of designer choices.

Prices shown are per linear yard. 

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