VARIO ERGODANCE Sprung Floor Systems

Easy on the Joints!

VARIO ERGODANCE Sprung Floor System is a floating sprung floor system designed for use in temporary or semi-permanent applications such as dance studios, performance stages, or touring acts. The system is manufactured from engineered 13-ply baltic birch veneer plywood that is finished on the front and backside with a commercial-duty, clear-coat sealer. Dynamically active two-ply elastomer pads provide perfect spring and cushion for all types of dance thus ensuring uniform consistent shock absorption across the entire floor, reducing injury. A smooth operating latching device connects panels together. Available in two panel sizes. 

Our VARIO ERGODANCE 200 Sprung floor system is an economical and easy to install floating sprung floor panel system also featuring baltic birch plywood and elastomer pads for semi-permanent and permanent installations. It is installed by simply placing screws through the overlap on each panel. Perfect for dance studios on a budget.

Both floors are designed for use with most Gerriets vinyl marley floor surfaces and for all types of dance.

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Whether for permanent installation or touring use – VARIO ERGODANCE, the advanced and elastic sprung floor is designed for all styles of dance and has been tested according to the sports floor standard.

VARIO ERGODANCE combines optimum, joint-gentle damping characteristics with the highest quality materials, a completely new eccentric locking system and fast assembly times thanks to a sophisticated tongue and groove system with guide.

VARIO ERGODANCE is ideal for use in conjunction with our VARIO 2.4 dance floor.

We also offer a version with an elastomer protection layer for touring use.