The World’s First 40’ Wide Inherently Flame-Retardant Canvas

Umkirch, 29. March 2018
Woven Exclusively by Gerriets

For years, inherently flame-retardant (IFR) fabrics were restricted to 20’ wide due to problems in manufacturing with the polyester fiber. Cycloramas and drops over 20’ high either needed unsightly seams or needed to be made from more flammable cotton, requiring frequent flame-proofing. This made the drops difficult to keep clean and limited their life-cycle. But no longer.

Gerriets introduces the world’s first ever 40’ wide inherently flame-retardant canvas, woven from high quality Trevira CS polyester on their own looms in Germany. 40’ high seamless cycloramas, drops and projection surfaces are now available in a heavy-duty IFR material. The 9 oz/yd2 IFR Super Canvas CS allows even the largest theaters and opera houses to have seamless IFR soft goods with a long working life that can be cleaned without losing the flammability. Unlike cotton based fabrics, curtains made from the IFR canvas are well suited for high-humidity climates and temporary use outdoors due to the moisture resistance of Trevira CS fibers. As a gold member of the Trevira CS Club, Gerriets is proud to say they make the widest Trevira CS fabric available. A bolt length of 55 yards, make seamless IFR projection surfaces and backdrops up to 40’ high and 164’ wide possible.

This IFR Super Canvas CS is made possible due to Gerriets’ decades of experience weaving wide width muslins and canvas for the theatre industry along with new loom technology developed by Gerriets. The exact method for weaving the material is a closely guarded secret but the fabric does have a minimal amount of stretch to the weave that allows for wrinkles to easily fall out when tensioned.

The canvas can be purchased by the yard or made into custom sized seamless curtains, drops, cycs, digitally printed back drops or projection screens at any of the Gerriets workshops worldwide. When you need seamless, think Gerriets. Call 609-771-8111 or go to to order.

Item Number: 1113 1211
Width: 40’-2”
Bolt Length: 55 yards
Color: White, Black and custom dyeing possible.
Material: 100 % Trevira CS
Weight: 9.14 oz/yd² (310 g/m²)


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