Welcome to SHOWTECH 2013 in Berlin

Umkirch, 10. July 2013

Showtech 2013 in Berlin was again as expected a real meet and greet on the Gerriets booth. Many familiar and many new faces visited the stand to see and learn about the several new innovations and products on view this year. They were also invited once again to enjoy the hospitality offered by the spacious Gerriets cafe. The staff of Gerriets and the numerous international distribution partners and subsidiaries were kept constantly busy offering advice and information to the large numbers of customers and business partners visiting the show this year. We at Gerriets were very pleased with the turnout and response to our product range.

Once again our new and comprehensive Sourcebook with over 600 pages proved very popular with customers. Products from the new range included the surprisingly affordable blackout fabric LUNAR, which is suitable for a variety of applications. In addition the new series of our G-mesh metal mesh in a ring or chain-mail for high quality decorative and architectural applications proved popular. The new VARIO COLOUR & TRANSPARENT & SPARKLE , an extension of the VARIO dance floor product range, and MALTA, a new, easy to process, light and strong cotton ground cloth aroused great interest among the visitors.

Advances in our technical range were also on show. We presented the optimized KABUKI system with an LED indicator light and new 2-wheel carrier for our TRUMPF95 and KING-rail systems. Under the heading of technical developments fell the CARGO bridge crane and the ceiling mounting bracket G-TWIST for easy installation of the TRUMPF95 track to ceiling and substructures by means of a clamp. Last, but not least, under the banner "spread the load",  we showed our customers at our booth our new "Batten Clew", a patent pending development. Developed in close cooperation with the Bavarian State Opera to connect flying bars with each other to realize point loads of up to 6,000 kg.