Aislamiento acústico


Insulation up to 13 dB

The Sound Curtain ELEGANCE represents the simplified version of the successful sound curtain OFFICE and combines the well-known acoustic quality with an attractive price! The multi-layer sound curtains achieve a sound insulation of up to 13 dB and can therefore be perfectly used as flexible room dividers for office, interior and object.

Sound Curtain EXPO

Insulation up to 17 dB

With the simple but effective construction of the Gerriets Sound Curtain EXPO we offer you a simple way to periodically divide your exhibtion hall acoustically and visually! In addition to the high sound insulation, the system offers excellent absorption. The hall will not only be divided into two parts, also reverberation time and speech intelligibility in the individual hall parts will improve.

Sound Curtain STAGE

Insulation up to 18 dB

The classic among the sound insulation curtains! The multi-layer curtain system is often installed in the theatre directly behind the main curtain. In the case of conversions, it is lowered after closing the main curtain to separate the sounds on stage from the auditorium.

The 5 or 7-layerd sound curtain was developed for this purpose, in order to reduce occurring sound emission by up to 18 dB.


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