Photo: © Krzysztof Bieliński
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"Berlin Alexanderplatz", Teatr Studio - Warsaw, Poland


Teatr Studio


Warsaw, Poland

"This is the story of Franz Biberkopf - a former cement worker in Berlin. He has just been released from prison, where he served time for past events. And now he's back on a Berlin street - and he wants to be decent. At first he even succeeds, but then he gets into a real fight with something that comes from outside, something unpredictable, something that has the appearance of blind fate. (...) But before he is finished with himself, he realizes where the cause of the evil lies - in himself." Ewa Błaszczyk, actress.

Loved by the audience... exuberant, musically pulsating, full of expressive characters - BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ directed by Natalia Korczakowska, an adaptation of the cult novel by Alfred Döblin, takes place on the big stage of TEATR STUDIO.

Project data

  • 900 linear meters of GLATTGLANZFOLIE in strawberry red.