Сценично кадифе CLIVIA ECHO

Item No. 12515141
  • Grand theatrical curtain of CLIVIA 600 with golden ornament application of GRANAT and with the dropping system KABUKI. <br> State Opera House Tibilisi / Georgia

- sound reflecting -

High-reflective, back-coated textile with excellent sound reflection properties.

  • Acoustic certificate available.
Още информация
Item No.: 12515141
Цвят: лъскаво черен
Материал : памук/акрил
Тегло: 650,00 g/m²
Широчина: 150,00 cm
Дължина на руло: 30,00 m
Трудногоримост: NFPA 701

Highly sound reflective, back coated textile with excellent sound reflection properties.

  • Cotton / acrylate backing.
  • Blackout fabric.
  • Packing method: rolled.
  • Acoustic certificate available.


Reflectance value based on flat curtain application. Reflectance value (calculation based on sound reduction and sound absorption values) is the degree of incident  sound energy reflected by a surface.
Based on a flat curtain application, frequencies over 1000 Hz reflect up to 80% of the incident sound energy.

  • Acoustic absorption values per certificate according to DIN EN ISO 354.
  • Acoustic absorption values: ISO 11654 aw = 0.15 - 0.40.
  • Acoustic absorption calss: E-D.


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