The London Symphony Orchestra in Concert - in a Factory

Umkirch, 04. December 2015

On July 19th in 2015 Kent Nagano conducts the London Symphony Orchestra in an AUDI factory workshop N58.  The  stage is virtual, in the shape of a shell. Common loudspeakers provide the sound for  a classical concert.
A concert hall in a automotive industry hall? How does it work?

For the concert in AUDI Ingolstadt Gerriets installed six tremendous absorbers above the stage,
each 170 x 140 cm, 25 meters long.
The patented aQflexTM / aQtubeTM absorber system can change the acoustics of rooms to fit any purpose. It is most active in the 63-1000 Hz domain at  fundamental frequencies of musical instruments. The reverberation time can be adjusted to the multifunctional use between classical, unplugged or electronic music. The absorbers can be temporarily mounted (aQtubeTM) on wires or permanently installed (aQflexTM) on Gerriets tracks.

The audience in Ingolstadt was not afraid of miserable sound experiences in the AUDI hall. All tickets for London Symphony Orchestra were sold off in less than one hour. In fact the visitors loved every minute of the whole concert.