State Opera House Tbilisi / Georgia

Vienna, 23. March 2016

The visitors to the newly refurbished National Theatre in Tbilisi are in agreement that it is a wonderful building with a spectacular interior. 
The renovated Opera House features an ornate, gold house curtain finished with elegant detailing made from Gerriets special effect material GRANAT. The header is also decorated with a gold applique which reflects the auditorium’s sense of grandeur.

Gerriets experts supported the Georgian project team during the renovation. Gerrietsmanufactured the house curtains and provided all of the new stage equipment.

The State Opera House was built in 1851. It is an icon of 19th century Georgian culture and tradition. This cultural identity is very important to Georgians and this is evident in the creation of a second house curtain. Gerriets manufactured this based on the original designs of the Georgian artist Sergo Kobuladze.