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"The great challenge facing planners of contemporary offices today is to create spaces for constantly changing organizations. The aim is to meet the need for openness and interaction as well as demarcation and focus. With proven technology from theater construction and acoustic curtains with very high sound insulation from Gerriets, it is possible to create variable and individual spaces at the touch of a button."

Toni Piskač // Head of Workplace Consulting & Space Planning

// Vitra International AG

Photo: © Eduardo Perez
Vitra Club Office - Birsfelden, Switzerland / OFFICE soundproof curtains

Our experienced experts work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions that meet the individual needs and requirements of each educational institution. With us, you not only get high-quality products and solutions, but also a reliable partner who offers excellent quality, innovative ideas and future-oriented learning environments.

From planning and consulting to production, installation and maintenance, we support our customers in all project phases and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We attach great importance to the needs of people as well as flexibility and individuality.

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"Bright rooms, flexible acoustics, multifunctionality" - a common requirement in modern buildings. Large glass surfaces and light-flooded rooms characterize the architecture, but bring with them longer reverberation times. The ABSORBER LIGHT from Gerriets offers an elegant solution: the translucent fabric absorbs sound waves effectively, impresses even experienced acoustic planners and integrates perfectly into modern architecture.

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In office and work environments, it is crucial to design rooms with acoustic flexibility. The Gerriets OFFICE sound curtain meets this requirement with sound insulation of up to 26 dB. This means that not only functional, but also visually appealing quiet and meeting zones can be created.

Learning worlds

Discover Gerriets' diverse solutions for learning environments! From acoustic improvements and flexible room partitioning systems to innovative presentation materials, we help educational institutions to create inspiring learning environments.

Dive in and find out how Gerriets can take your learning environments to the next level.

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