Photo: © Nick Pagliante
Event & Entertainment

KAGAMI - New York City, USA


Tin Drum


New York City, USA

by Ryuichi Sakamoto & Tin Drum at The Shed's Griffin Theater

KAGAMI is a mixed-reality presentation of Sakamoto's compositions that immerses the viewer in a multi-sensory experience. Visitors begin the experience by walking through the "Path of Silence", which consists of a multitude of hanging curtain doors from Gerriet's SCHLEIERNESSEL CS. The path leads the audience into a larger area where they are surrounded by five large paintings by Sakamoto and an 8m wide projection screen with constantly changing photographs, waiting to be introduced to the concert experience.

Miguel Quismodo, Juan Carlos Bragado & Gloria Saa Garcia for MQ Architects, (architecture and interior design)

KAGAMI Production DataRyuichi Sakamoto, Composer and Performer Todd Eckert, Director and Producer Mary Hickson, Creative Producer and Production Manager Tomaso Cariboni, Technical Producer Aurelien Simon, Executive Producer

Shed Program TeamAlex Poots, Artistic Director Madani Younis, Executive Producer Laura Aswad, Producer Frank Butler, Production Manager Sarah Pier, Production Manager

Project data

  • "Path of Silence" curtains made of white SCHLEIERNESSEL CS, 5 m wide, cut and processed into 4.5 m x 4.5 m panels with window cut-outs in the middle.
  • Large images digitally printed on STAIR NESSEL CS, approx. 4.5 m wide x 4.5 m high.
  • Projection screen made of BÜHNENNESSEL CS, approx. 8 m wide x 4.5 m high.