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Our experienced staff uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology in our workshops which enables us to guarantee a constant high level of quality. Gerriets belongs to a select group of companies worldwide that provides textiles, curtains, projection screens, and track systems from a single company.

Sewing Workshop

Our vast sewing studio is home to decades of expertise. Here we craft an endless variety of artistic "signature" draperies, from historic designs in classic velour bedecked with handmade gold fringe and embroidery to ultramodern curtains composed of thousands of hand-torn and -knotted voile strips.

High-Frequency Welding

First established back in the 1970s as one of the first projection screen welding shops in Europe, our facilities have continued to evolve and expand with advancing technology and increasing demand. Today, many thousands of square meters of PVC projection screens are welded by seasoned operators on specially adapted high-frequency welding machines to achieve virtually invisible seams for screens up to 100 m wide x 25 m high (328 ft x 65 ft). 

Metal Workshop

Gerriets' metal workshop features CNC milling and bending machines as well as welding and other metal fabrication facilities and a painting studio. Our manufacturing specialists and metalworkers work in close collaboration with our engineers and construction department to custom-build track systems.


To optimize efficiency and responsiveness - essential qualities in our industry - we constructed a new logistics center in 2007. With over 3.500 m² (37,600 ft²)  of floor space and the most modern logistics software, we are able to process orders with the utmost speed and accuracy - even next-day and "last-minute" orders. (We have yet to find a way to "get it there yesterday"!)