New product series R-TEX

Our Recycled TEXtile duvetyne and velvet fabrics mark the beginning of the GERRIETS R-TEX product series, where sustainable production conditions will play an essential role.

Sustainability project:
Recycling dance floors and projection screens

Due to the increasing discussion about the production of sustainable performances, productions and events in the cultural and entertainment sector, Gerriets wants to break new ground.


The warehouse is built using energy-efficient construction methods and the lighting technology is energy-saving. In addition to the improvements in the daily production, office and warehouse processes, Gerriets has been paying attention to a sustainable energy supply for over 15 years.

Our roof-mounted photovoltaic systems generate a total output of approx. 130 MWh per year, 80% of which is used for our own consumption and 20% for feeding into the grid.

Vehicle fleet

We currently use electric company cars and have 5 charging stations at our headquarters. A successive electrification of the company car fleet is planned.

Additionally, business trips are made by train as much as possible.

Heating System

In our company building, sustainable wood pellets are mainly used as heating fuel. The essential feature of these wood pellets is that they are CO2-neutral when burnt.

In addition, they are a regional and renewable resource that consumes less energy in their production than fossil fuels.

Waste separation and recycling

Waste disposal is handled by certified companies and waste separation is done consistently in the office and production.

All foil scraps and eyelets from the welding shop are recycled and come back into the world as roofing or pond foils.

Packing and shipping

Wooden pallets are replaced by cardboard coasters and cardboard boxes where possible, i.e. less fuel is used.  These are 100% recyclable, weigh significantly less than those made of wood and can be used flexibly.

Furthermore, the dance floors are packed without styrofoam and reusable steel frames are used for delivery.

Tracks made from recycled aluminium

Our track profiles are made from high-quality, recycled aluminium.

The manufacturing is carried out with highly efficient technologies and the smallest possible use of resources.

Showtech 2023 Product Awards

Gerriets received two awards in the category Sustainability for the "Sustainability project: Recycling of dance floors and projection foils"

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