Full transparency with INVISCREEN® –
New, highly transparent glass and window projection screen

Umkirch, 12. January 2018
The new, highly transparent and self-adhering projection screen in the Gerriets Visual Effect series

In recent years, stage productions and special events have become increasingly visually demanding.The new, unique and unprecedented are sought after. Viewers crave new sights and experiences; the audience wants to immerse themselves in unknown and mystical worlds.

The self-adhering and highly transparent INVISCREEN® projection screen transforms glass and window panels into projection surfaces. Due to the crystal-clear nature of the screen, INVISCREEN® is not visible during the day. At night or in dark rooms one can project onto the highly transparent polyester screen.

In permanent installations, INVISCREEN is particularly suitable for high end restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, museums, exhibition construction, trade fairs and cruise ships. INVISCREEN® is an excellent choice for retail display windows as well as for temporary and special events.

INVISCREEN is available in front or rear projection versions in both standard and high brightness options.

Further products of our Visual Effects series are the special gauze Holo-Gauze© for 3D projections as well as the special projection screen PEPPER’S GHOST for holographic effects.