Variable Acoustic Solutions for Rock and Pop Music –
The science behind our product aQflex™

Umkirch, 23. June 2018
Today, variable acoustic solutions are indispensable for the operation of multifunctional theaters, opera and concert halls, cultural centers or city halls

The company Gerriets has been producing and installing flexible acoustic solutions for over 70 years to adapt each location to the respective purpose of the event. For several years Flex Acoustics' unique flexible acoustic solutions have expanded the Gerriets portfolio.

Successful installations of these variable bass absorbers can be found, for example, in the Staatsoperette in Dresden or in the opera in Dubai. Even temporary event formats such as the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen like to fall back on bass absorber systems.

Background of this new development are the researches of company owner and inventor Niels Werner Adelman-Larsen. The research results have now been summarized by him in a revealing and worth reading book, published by Springer-Verlag.

Many thanks to mothergrid and Volker Holtmeyer for the positive book review.