The innovative, universal and motorizable curtain rail system

G-TRACK 2-wheel curtain trolley

The small bending radius of the track and the architectural panel, which can be added on one or two sides on request, support creative solutions and meet the highest visual demands.

Whether single-layer, light to medium-weight curtains or even multi-layer, acoustically effective OFFICE curtains - G-TRACK is at home in a wide range of applications:

Possible applications

G-TRACK offers a wide range of applications in various environments:

  • Theaters and venues
  • interiors
  • OFFICE working environments

In the classic application for theaters and venues, single or double track systems can be implemented quickly and easily, covering a spectrum from manual centrifugal pulls to motorized curtain systems with multi-part curtains.

In the interior, the system also impresses with its understated, geometrically minimalist design and a standard color palette of black, silver and white, as well as the option of special RAL colors.

In OFFICE working environments, the system unfolds its full effect in combination with curtain systems consisting of highly effective acoustic inner and visually freely designable outer layers, thus enabling the flexible and contemporary design of variable rooms as well as work and meeting areas. Single and multi-layer curtain systems can be realized regardless of the area of application. Whether as a theater curtain, blackout curtain, room divider or meeting island - thanks to its universality, there are virtually no limits to free design.

Mounting types

Various types of mounting are possible to meet the requirements of different rooms:

  • Ceiling suspension

  • Ceiling mounting

  • Flush with ceiling


Moving, friction-locking system for motorized curtains. Motorization of the individual curtain sections is also possible. This is based on the tried-and-tested principle of the FRICTION-DRIVE, which has been geometrically optimized and designed to be unobtrusive. Gerriets OFFICE-FRAME modules are used for a compact control system that is compatible with modern building management systems and enables the curtains to be moved by remote control.

Control and compatibility

Gerriets OFFICE-FRAME modules enable remote-controlled movement of the curtains and compatibility with modern building management systems.

Curtain pull variants

The system supports various curtain pull variants for different requirements:

  • Curtain track
  • Motorized curtain systems

Flexibility of curtain systems

Single and multi-layer curtain systems for various purposes:

  • Theater curtain, blackout, room partitioning, meeting islands

Technical data

Load data

All values were calculated with 3-fold safety.

Dimensioning of curtain heights (VH)

When calculating the optimum curtain height, the type of track fastening, the clear ceiling height (HL) from the top edge of the finished floor and any individual gap dimensions must be taken into account. In the example illustrations, Gerriets standard fasteners were selected for the connection between the trolley and curtain. When using other fasteners, please take into account their geometry and the effect on the optimum curtain height. If the fastener, e.g. shackle or carabiner, does not offer the possibility of height compensation, we recommend individual adjustment of the hem on site.