Gerriets is the world's leading company in the development and manufacture of high-quality projection screens and complex, highly specialized projection effects as well as giant roller screens for theaters and opera houses, conference venues, conference rooms, TV studios, mega events and other large-scale projects.

Our range of screens is constantly being optimized and expanded. Benefit from our wide range of options: whether a projection screen or a projection textile, whether front projection and/or rear projection, whether full-size or soft-edge projections, whether visual effects such as 3D projections, whether highly transparent projection screens or our extremely wide and fast roller screens up to 30 m wide.

And all this for temporary or permanent use. Gerriets Screen Solutions - individual solutions for every application!

Photo: © Zinser
Messe Freiburg Test installation - Almaty, Kazakhstan / Roll-up screen MEGASCREEN TOUR

We like it big: a 30.0 m wide MEGASCREEN TOUR projection screen with a height of up to 15.0 m is just as much a part of this as a projection screen fabric measuring over 5,000 m², delivered in one piece and installed as a ceiling sail for Mercedes-Benz at the IAA in Frankfurt.

We like it fine: whether at expos around the world, in Milan, Shanghai, at book fairs, exhibitions, museums or at motor shows, our special constructions and projection screens are everywhere.

And if you're in a hurry, we can do everything quickly and at short notice.

You have an idea and we realize it - with expertise and precision

Gerriets special solutions

We go along with any theater... When others give up, we just get started. Special solutions have been part of our company since the very beginning. The challenge in our daily standard business lies in fast, reliable processing and punctual delivery, for which we are known worldwide. But the real challenge for us lies in special solutions. From planning and design to assembly - all steps in which we employ highly qualified employees who do everything they can to make the whole thing a success. And we have demonstrated this time and again over the last 70 years of company history. What we promise, we keep.

IAA-Messestand Mercedes-Benz; Deckensegel
IAA 2009 exhibition stand Mercedes Benz / ceiling membrane

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The Gerriets foil welding shop

Started small and grown big. Hundreds of thousands of square meters of projection and effect films are now welded in our film welding shop.

Almost invisible, fine weld seams are produced here by employees with decades of experience in this product area on specially designed machines using high-frequency welding technology.

Almost any size of film is possible. For the open-air opera "Carmen" in Seoul / South Korea, for example, Gerriets welded a 100.0 m wide and 20.0 m high projection film. Incidentally, all film remnants and PVC eyelets are recycled and are reintroduced into the world as roof or pond films.

Photo: © Gerriets
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Small projection screen ABC

Before choosing the right projection screen, the intended use should always be analyzed. There are films that can be used universally and projection films whose area of application is clearly defined.

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A brief ABC of projection textiles

Before you decide on the right projection textile, it is important to carefully analyze the intended use. There is a wide range of textiles for different areas of application. Some are versatile, while others have specific areas of use. Choose your projection textiles according to your individual requirements and creative vision.

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Projection screens

Are you looking for the right projection screen for your next event or for a permanent installation?

With our large product portfolio of front and rear projection films as well as special films, we can offer you the perfect solution for every application.

Photo: © Bayer AG
Bayer AG - Cologne, Germany / front and rear projection film EVEN

3D Visual Effects

In recent years, stage productions and events have become increasingly sophisticated. The new, unique and never-before-seen is sought after. The spectator's experience factor plays the main role, because the audience wants to be entertained and immerse themselves in new, unknown and mystical worlds.

Would you like to amaze your audience with magical moments and make the experience at your event unforgettable? Then take a look at our exclusive visual effect range with the 3D special tulle, the highly transparent glass and window projection film INVISCREEN® and the special effect film PEPPER'S GHOST.

Photo: © Holotronica Ltd.
Fujitsu / Special tulle HOLOGAUZE®

Textiles for projection

PVC projection films are not always the best choice. Our projection textiles are much more suitable for some applications. For example, the RIPSTOP event textile is often used in outdoor areas when our PVC films reach their limits due to extreme temperatures (in this case cold breakage), such as at a snowboarding world championship in the mountains. With our tapestry and heirloom fabrics, nettle and stretch fabrics as well as numerous event textiles, you can bring your events to life in a special way.

Photo: © ES Devlin
Adele world tour Europe & North America / Tapestry tulle projection screen ISOLDE BW

Stretched screens

Whether for mobile or stationary applications - with our VARIO, MONOBLOX, DECOFRAME, FULLWHITE and our elegant CURVE version, we have the right stretched screen for every application.

Various MONOBLOX and VARIO stretched screens

RUNWAY roll-up screen system

Reliability for conference and meeting rooms!

The RUNWAY 1 and RUNWAY PLUS roll-up screen systems are ideal as permanently installed projection screens.

The range of applications extends from in-house presentations with a small screen surface for use in conference rooms to maximum screen formats of 1,000 x 600 cm for multifunctional halls.

The systems are supplied as a complete package with drive and projection surface or fabric-reinforced projection surface and are designed for both wall and ceiling mounting.

Motorized screen RUNWAY PLUS

CARBON motorized/rolling screens

Light, quick and easy to dismantle!

Our CARBON roll-up screens are roll-up screen systems for front and rear projection. The tubular elements of the CARBON roll-up screens are made of high-modulus carbon fiber and, thanks to their lightness, high material rigidity and low deflection, achieve above-average spans at high lifting speeds.

Whether for tours, theaters, concerts, advertising brochures, painted brochures or acoustic partition curtains - the areas of application of our three roll-up screen systems TUBE, MEGASCREEN TOUR and MEGASCREEN are versatile.

Photo: © Zinser
Messe Freiburg - Germany / Roll-up screen MEGASCREEN TOUR

Supertitle LED subtitling system

Easy to operate, quick to install!

Until recently, surtitling systems in opera houses and theaters were mostly operated using projectors. For some time now, it has made sense to use LED displays due to the significant drop in prices in the LED sector.

The advantages of LED displays: significantly higher brightness; better contrasts; better blacks; less maintenance and upkeep; longer service life and lower energy costs.

The newly developed Gerriets LED system was developed with experts and users specifically for smooth opera and theater operations.

The SUPERTITLE software associated with the LED supertitling system has also been designed exclusively for opera and theater operations.

Semperoper Dresden - Germany / SUPERTITLE 2000 / P4.81

We set the standard in the world of visual staging and offer a wide range of high-quality products, including projection screens, stretch screens and motorized screens, to add an impressive visual dimension to your events and cultural projects.