roocs by Gerriets

The acoustically effective, modular room solution

roocs, a neologism derived from "room curtains", consists of a free-standing support system for our acoustic curtains, which gives every interior or open space office a homely character and divides it into work, quiet or meeting zones.

Without a connection to the ceiling and floor, roocs can be positioned completely flexibly in the room. By using the OFFICE sound curtain and the additional option of a sound-insulating ceiling, roocs offers the possibility of creating completely enclosed, soundproof rooms for concentrated work, personal meetings or a quiet lounge area.

Photo: © Gerriets

roocs can also be used for pure room zoning in clearly defined workspaces or recreational areas with additional acoustic benefits in a wide range of variations. The high level of functionality and flexibility in use, the minimalist design language and the tangible quality of the materials and workmanship ensure a timeless and enduring aesthetic that makes roocs a product with an extremely long service life.

Plus points at a glance:

  • flexible room layout
  • modular
  • freestanding
  • Acoustic room zoning
  • individual design
  • variable hanging of Ad-Ons
  • height-adjustable table top


roocs, as a changeable system, creates micro-architectural spaces and zoning within open workspaces, providing a structured and customizable demarcation of the different areas.

A wide variety of configurations and uses are thus possible, combining the functional and aesthetic requirements of modern working environments.

Materials and add-ons


Our INTERIOR ACOUSTIC COLLECTION offers various fabric qualities and colors to choose from, which can be used for the outer layer of the OFFICE sound curtain at roocs.

Textilien roocs by Gerriets


So that roocs can be individually integrated into your rooms, you can put together your desired model from various colors and materials.

Wooden components in ash
Metal components
Felt components


They can be attached very flexibly and moved at any time - so you can react quickly to changing needs and create the right working environment for your activities.

Table tops and shelves
Pin and magnet board
Monitor recordings

Acoustic zoning

Textiles are used by architects and designers to define spaces, absorb noise and create a flexible, more sensual indoor climate.

Our tried-and-tested OFFICE sound curtain, which is integrated into the roocs system in a 7-layer version, offers outstanding sound insulation and ensures functional and visual aesthetics in your working environment. The inner layers of the curtain are made of flame-retardant, sound-absorbing special fabric. The textile for the front and back can be freely selected from our extensive Design Collection - according to your individual requirements in terms of color and feel.

You also have the option of using our transparent acoustic fabrics. This is a particularly good solution if you want to keep your rooms flooded with light or allow people to see through, but still need acoustic optimization.

Our contribution to sustainability

Because we believe that well-designed products last longer, we have placed great emphasis on first-class quality, timeless design and carefully crafted details in the development of roocs. In addition to combining functionality, flexibility and aesthetics, we were very keen to create a product that would last as long as possible.

This requirement is also reflected in the materials used for roocs. By using ash wood for the structural details, we have opted for a renewable raw material.

Our metal components are made of steel and aluminum and are partly manufactured on site at our headquarters in Umkirch near Freiburg. These materials stand for outstanding quality, so that you will enjoy your roocs system for a long time.

However, should you need to replace a component, this is no problem - roocs is designed in such a way that the individual components can be replaced flexibly and recycled according to type at the end of their service life.

We also searched for new, sustainable qualities when selecting the textiles. For example, we integrated the VESTA fabric into our range, which impressed us with its coarse-grained surface character. The fabric made from the natural materials wool and ramie - a nettle plant with natural antibacterial and flame-retardant properties - has excellent moisture-absorbing properties. Both natural materials are long-lasting thanks to their high-quality appearance and materiality and, as natural raw materials, are also biodegradable.

In production, we are also very keen to keep transportation routes as short as possible. In addition to our production facility in Umkirch, the various components for the roocs frame and the add-ons are mainly processed by selected manufacturers in southern Germany.