Gerriets “CONTRA-H” and “CONTRA-O” now also available in silver-grey

Umkirch, 20. July 2015

Up until now the handcrafted effect fabric was available in the colors ecru and black. It is now available in the color grey as well. It is specifically manufactured for theatrical, studio, display, exhibit and museum applications. The material “Contra-H” has a random, uniquely haphazard pattern and comes in a Fine, Medium and Super textures. “Contra-O” has an overlapping circular pattern, which has contributed to its name. In the new gray color “Contra-H” and “Contra-O” shine and shimmer beautifully. Our effect fabric is available in 300 cm width and from piece lengths that vary from 20 m to 50 m.


Technical data:

  • Material: viscose
  • Dimension: 300,00 cm
  • Length per bolt: „Contra H FINE“ from approximately 50,00 m, „Contra H MEDIUM“ from approximately 25,00 m, „Contra H SUPER“ from approximately 20,00 m, „Contra O“ from approximately 25,00 m.
  • Weight: approximately 200.00 grams per square meter
  • Item numbers:
    Contra H FINE:         19113001 (ecru), 19113021 (black), 19113031 (grey)
    Contra H MEDIUM:  19123001 (ecru), 19123021 (black), 19123031 (grey)
    Contra H SUPER:    19133001 (ecru), 19133021 (black), 19133031 (grey)
    Contra O:                   19143001 (ecru), 19143021 (black), 19143031 (grey)